Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meanwhile, In Wirecutter's Bathroom.......


  1. Ah! Hemorrhoids!! I'm guessing the barbed wire soothes the real pain of those dreaded piles.

  2. Pissed, that was too rich & fitting, you sir, must know the wireman! Touche' to you,Sir.

  3. That's a Glidden barb wrapped around both lines, a variation of the smaller Glidden barb patented on November 24th, 1874.
    Glidden was the most prolific producer from the beginning, he had an asskicking patented wire making machine that mass produced barbed wire about a million times faster than any of his competitors. Back before they finally got their shit together and settled on a basic design, barbed wire came in a bunch of different designs - ribbon wire, 2,3,4 and more strands (I've got a 6 piece strand in my collection), wire barbs, sheet metal barbs, you name it.
    Don't quote me, but I'm thinking there's something like 1800 patents for different barbs and wires.
    If you want to learn more about it (who wouldn't?) google the Devil's Rope Museum. They've got a lot of information there.

  4. Saw the pic, had a good laugh at WC's expense, popped in to leave a comment and got a fascinating history of barb wire. Too funny Pissed ;-) Devil's Rope Museum, I'll remember that. That's actually a perfect fit for Hellbilly :D

  5. I know that cant be wirecutters,cause Im betting his toilet has a picture of Obama on the bottom,and the seat is down.


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