Monday, September 10, 2012

Do I Have Any Readers In The Austin, Killeen Tx Area?

My good buddy "Pitdogga" is heading down that way on business for the week and I wanted to get him some recommendations on restaurants and maybe sites to see if he has some time. I'm pretty sure he is in the air as I write this so he should be there just after lunch. He's flying into Austin and then heading to Killeen.

Any input would be much appreciated!




  1. Killeen area, namely US190 is loaded with eating places, hotel/motels, and car dealerships. Typical Army town. All of the name brand restaurants are there and most have very good "watering holes". He will not have trouble finding a good place to eat. And ofcourse while in Texas he must stop at a Mexican Restaurant. There are a couple of good ones in the Copperas Cove area.


  2. One acronym says it all: BBQ! He needs to try a few places (if only to ruin him for all other BBQ). The Salt Lick for ribs/brisket, Kruez Market for Central Texas Hot Sausage (my god! the flavor!), anywhere for Tex-Mex, The County Line (ribs), Rudy's (BBQ on the go, I recommend the sausage wrap), Friday Night Fish Fry at the Manchaca (pronounced man shack no joke) Fire house, Stubbs (killer music and great carnivore love). As you can see we aren't sure what vegetables are except for that stuff that food eats. Tell him to go to H.E.B (local grocery chain) get some FRESH tortillas from the lil old Mexican ladies there and a package of Mayers hot sausage links and make himself some serious breakfast fixins Central Texas style. I have to go now since I am drooling on my keyboard

  3. I'm in Austin.

    As he drives to Killeen from Austin, the Monument Cafe in Georgetown is pretty damn good:

    Inside Austin... man, there is a LOT of good stuff. Rampager had some really good suggestions, if he is going to be in Austin proper for any length of time. If he has no time for any of the really good BBQ places, then a quick stop at Rudy's for a sample of brisket or Sausage while he fuels up the rental car will be OK:

  4. If he's still in TX this weekend there is a Blogshoot up in Dallas.
    All (well, some) of the cool Texas kids (and one Floridian who shall remain nameless) will be there...


  5. Cooper's BBQ in Llano, Tx

  6. TopDawg summed up my recollection of Killeen, hundreds of regular chain restaurants, making it like EverywhereElseUSA along 190, going a little further into Copperas Cove offers more small-town style, especially EggTown for breakfast. Think giant omelets with anything you could want on it! Even further down 190 into Kempner is a little German diner/bakery called the Brick Oven (next to a closed Texaco station, if he needs a landmark).

  7. See the Texas Nat'l Guard post in downtown Austin (Camp Mabry). It's got a great (free) military museum. Fort Hood by Killeen has two more.

  8. Thanks guys.. Pitdogga is in Killeen and is working second shift I should hear from him later.


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