Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How would you respond to this liberal rant I got in an email?

While I am retired, I have received a 30 day free membership to a gym.  My elliptical is once again stuck in front of Fox News and, although I try not to focus on it, I find it so disturbing.

I cannot watch 10 minutes of Republican based television without seeing obvious and blatant lies.  They lie so much, how stupid are Americans to believe this propaganda?  It's like watching Nazi television in the height of the Third Reich.

Again, I am not a Democrat.  I have an open, intelligent mind, and am an engineer (retired).  I could never lie about the experiment data and test data.  I believe in honesty and integrity.  The Republican speeches, adds, comments, since the Bush era are so filled with lies that it is embarrassing to be an American and have this watched by the world.

We used to have journalism with integrity, now the Republican party and its affiliates such as Fox News live in the world of the Tabloids.

And they talk about Family Values?

This is not how we will fix this country.  I don't respect liars.  Especially liars, who once the truth is know cannot apologize.

Being a Republican means you never have to say you are sorry.

This just has to stop.  Bullshit in politics is not new, but a news agency constantly barraging the American people with obvious lies meant to belittle anyone who is not on their side?????  

Is this happening because the print media is disappearing, and now everyone gets their news from unnamed sources on the intranet?

Is there a Democratic version of Fox News that dedicates it's time to criticizing anything and everything Democrats do, with any and all means, including constant lying?  Really?

OK, rant over.


  1. Pilate: "...What is Truth...?..."

    John 18:38

  2. I challenge him to produce one lie he heard on Fox News. He can't. I think this guy is a troll. It's a typical response from a lefty that finds that the truth is just too painful for his far left agenda. I also suspect he could not tell the difference between the opinion segments and the news segments on Fox. I would guess that the person that gave him the 30 day trial membership was tired of his far left swill, knowing the televisions were pinned on Fox News.

  3. Well, I can think of a few things, but I really shouldn't let them past the brain to mouth filter in my head. ;)

    Miss Violet

  4. I'm an engineer, too. And a professor of engineering. Critical, objective thinking is something I practice and try to teach my engineering students how to do routinely. Not all can; some are just too indoctrinated into the squishy, touchy-feely world of liberalism, especially many who go into some of the less rigorous, less objective engineering majors. Probably like this guy. I've tried--you can't argue with a guy like this, just like you can't pick up spilled jello.

  5. Frank J. says don't directly engage, don't get angry.


    If you want an example of a good reply read some of this 10 part series where frank responds to hate mail. its among the best internet reading that I've read.


    My personal suggestion is to agree and amplify. Republicans are mean nazis, he says? Tell him that repubicans are so mean that they're poisoning poor kids, with poisons designed in their secret hideout in a hollowed out volcano.

    Tell him that the republicans have raised Goebbels from the dead and zombie Goebbels is the secret head of fox news.

    Tell him to go to the only truthful news channel out their msnbc. Tell him everyone gets "a chill up their leg" when Obama speaks. And only msnbc was actually brave enough to say it.

    You are not going to change his mind, the best you can hope for is to have fun at his expense.

  6. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)September 11, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    No thinking person get their news from the TV, ever. Mr. Troll is finding out that we, the people are not fooled anymore and he is scared. Very scared. And he better be.

  7. I don't respond to that kind of closed mindedness period. If one of life's hardest lesson for me to learn was, this. "You cannot teach a person tho see the forest through the trees".

  8. What is there to respond to? You can either get sucked into his tirade, or ignore him. There's no convincing people like that. If you read dispassionately, he hasn't even made any points you can discuss, just a lot of mindless mudslinging.

  9. you are correct ... sadly there is no easy fix. FOX is not conservative ..in fact I think they are there just to keep conservatives passive while the elitists (of which they are a big part) carry on.

    ...maybe the people will start to fight back after the lies and threats become physically real and they are not threats any more but down right enslavement.

    right now while many people are still making it they feel they can not stop to fight ...once they lose that ability to make end meet then they might.

    why do you think they booted Beck ..he is conservative. he really boosted their ratings but they didn't like the power of his message. so they have no problem giving up profit for agenda.

  10. ..I should add to my post above. I disagree with the email's author. FOX is not in the same category as the other outlets but they are not liars like the obama media.

    I watch very little of FOX news and since they sold a significant chunk to the arabs things have gotten worse.

    FOX has become tabloidish.


  11. the last sentence in the email post is cognitive dissonance.

    FOX criticizes republicans constantly. the other news outlets never criticize democrats, ....so how can he state that there no democratic version of FOX???????????

    FOX criticises republicans and the obama media criticise republicans. he could not be more obvious in his blindness.

  12. You'd have better luck pushing a rope than trying to have an intelligent debate with that mouth breathing rambling moron...

  13. You prove you don't have an "open and Intelligent" mind if you violate Godwin's Law almost immediately in your post. And besides, your entire argument is simply an ad hominum burst of name calling. Pathetic.

  14. "This just has to stop. Bullshit in politics is not new, but a news agency constantly barraging the American people with obvious lies meant to belittle anyone who is not on their side????? "

    I agree because he must be talking about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. TV's purpose is t make you stupid, FOX included.

  15. So much bullshit there that it isn't even worth fisking...

  16. Tell the asshole to start looking for the truth instead of having "it" be fed to him by way of the MSM. FOX news sucks! They cater to the largest audience they can, and this is why they are the biggest MSM outlet, the truth be damned!
    Waht a moron!

  17. He continually refers to the Fox people as liars. yet, I didn't read one shred of evidence. I would like him to list a few of those lies and explain how they are untrue. I don't believe he can or would do that, because Fox is honest in it's delivery of factual information. All of it can be vetted and checked. That is why Fox is number 1.

    So meanwhile that ranter, whom I am sure must have ulcers, given his state of frustration, anxiety and misinformation, can kiss my big old hairy, conservative, butt.

  18. I'm siding with the "ignore the f**ker" group on this one. I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that while we think we speak the same language, we don't mean the same things with certain words, and so we can talk about issues all we want, but when we don't agree on word's meanings, all is for naught. We almost need one of those "conservative-to-liberal" translation charts, but even then I doubt it would help, we may be too far gone. The issue of Fox News vs. the rest of the MSM is a symptom of it, where we get our news from different sources with different interpretations of the same events, and nobody can agree on what actually happened anymore.

  19. Hate mail ... i'm jealous.

    Can't stand listening to Fox news. Not that i listen to any news other than the occasional radio break. Newscasters (of any flavor) tend to be ... unbelievable, and make my head want to explode.

  20. Delete the email and put the sender in your spam blocker. No reason to waste your time arguing with idiots or Democrats, but I repeat myself.

  21. Twenty one comments and not a single person said they would tell him to fuck off.

  22. Textbook delusional. Not worth the time it would waste to respond.

  23. Never argue with an idiot. He will bring you down to his level and win from experience.

  24. If you ever want to know what the liberal side is doing, just look at what they are accusing us of doing.

  25. If you ever want to know what the liberal side is doing, just look at what they are accusing us of doing.


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