Monday, July 16, 2012

The Best Way To Deal With Somali Pirates...

...but we don't have the balls.....


  1. I dont agree my friend :) Didnt we recently have 2 marine snipers make 2 headshots at the exact same moment on 2 pirates - during high seas on a moving target, in the dark off, a platform from like 1 mile away?? right be fore we stormed Tanker and killed like 13 of their guys in like 6 minutes flat?

    God I loved that story... brings a tear to my eye when I hear it...

    1. Yes we did. I guess you have a point there J3 :)

      It was a great story wasn't it ?

  2. Everyone loves their "Ma." "Ma Duece", that is.

    MAJ Mike

  3. Navy just sunk a pirate skiff today, in fact. Idiots approached a Military Sealift Command fleet refueling tanker. Unfortunately no one has told the Somalians that big gray boats with white numbers on the bow and gun mounts on the superstructure aren't the same as the more colorful ones they normally swarm.


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