Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Uncharted Meteor Stike In Oklahoma? Near Westville

Are any of my readers near Westville OK?  Check this out:

I found this link in the side bar over at  "ACEOFSPADES"

Mystery Google Earth Coordinates:
36° 1'22.58"N, 94°42'4.24"W
Paste these coordinates into the Google Earth search field or hit satellite view in Google Maps. Hint: Um, crater? Answer: I can't be sure, of course, but it looks like an uncharted impact crater about .3 mile wide. Any impact crater-ologists around?
Added: If it is an undiscovered crater, it must be called "Ace of Spades." Or "Brewer-o-Crater," but I think simply "Ace of Spades" sounds better. 

That does look like a crater and there is no information that I can find on the webz about it.


  1. That's exactly what that is and there is probably a rock worth at minimum 6 figures at the bottom of the pond buried in the mud.

  2. Or.............it could be an old sinkhole.

  3. The sight of Michael Moores infamous skydiving accident ...


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