Monday, July 16, 2012

Scrap Metal Art...... Amazing...!!

Scrap Metal Art Work is a collectable metal art form that was created in Thailand and is unique to this country. Sculptures are made from used steel parts from Cars, Bikes & many other forms of scrap metal. Each item is painstakingly constructed by very talented local Thai artists with a lot of patience, imagination and dedication to their work. The finished product is a highly polished and exquisitely detailed piece of art that is simply stunning & unique.

 via don't panic


  1. Yep, I remember seeing 'some' of that back in the 70's, the Thais are VERY creative!

    1. old NFO I'm sure you must have seen a ton of really neat stuff with all your worldly travels. I saw your map...holy crap!!

  2. I want one of those to put at the top of my stairs. The scream in the darkness of night, and the following thump thump thump down the stairs should be enough to rouse me from my slumber to let me know a home invader has breached the secure perimeter.
    I think a motion detector and a strobe light might enhance the effect.
    K, I'm going to take my pill now. I'll be alright in a little while.

  3. These scrap metal pieces are amazing! I would love to have the Wall-E one. My son loves him and it would be so cool to give him something that artistic.

  4. Thanks so much for publicizing or industry. Highly appreciated.


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