Friday, July 20, 2012

Denver Shooting... 24 Hour Rule

Before the finger pointing and blaming and politicizing starts. Let's wait for more concrete information.

It only took me a few minutes to find this nugget of wisdom
on Yahoo news:

 There is believed to be no connection to Islamic terrorism, per a senior official monitoring the situation in Washington.

How do they now what connection there is to what at this point? Some of the news stories
are contradictory to say the least....


  1. MSM panic on steroids.

    Even FoxNews cut into a program I was watching and some idiot (female) in New York kept asking a local Denver FoxNews reporter over the phone ridiculous questions that no one could possibly know the answers to. i gave up and flipped the TV off.

  2. welp that is the MSM for ya! when things like this happen, it is just more ammo for the Brady folks and the anti-gun community, to demoralize those "evil black guns"

  3. I've already turned the tv off.... and I was watching FOX.

    I wonder if the declaration that it wasn't related to the "Islamic terrorist" (sorry for being redundant) was because this asshole was white? If so, then they've just admitted that the MUSLIMS are either ARABS or BLACKS and those are the ones that need profiled relating to "ISLAMIC terrorism" (sorry being redundant again).

    As I speak Beck is reporting that they are already trying to link this to the TEA PARTY.

    1. My Brother in law is betting Occupier....

    2. I hope so, but if it is the media will deny such.

      I think this could be a false flag

  4. I agree with Matt. Fast and Furious didn't work, so this is the next step in demonizing firearms and their owners.

    I'm amazed that this guy had time to shoot 60+ people. No concealed carry in that theater, I'm guessing. Contrast this with the two thugs who were going to rob the internet cafe in Florida and got shot and chased out by the 71-year-old man.

    1. It's almost as if "they" had to have an "evil white man with evil black guns" to offset the "good white man legally carrying a his gun" that ran off two "if Obama had twins this is what they would look like" non-white thugs.

  5. Our politically correct apologizers are always quick of the mark to exonerate muslims from any and all wrong-doing. It's like they have swallowed some kind of Camel extract and just cannot see the jihad boys and girls for what they are .... otherwise, I am betting this is an OWS type who was filled with resentment that the new Batman movie made his ilk look stupid and violent. They just hate the truth.

    We shall see, but the gun confiscation angle is not going to fly. This person's guns didn't plan this and take him to the scene and force him to do what he did. HE DID THAT and the guns had no say whatsoever.

    The Obama regime's gun confiscation fantasy is nothing more than and effort to enslave and totally subjugation America. Fortunately, the regime has no idea how many guns are really out there and who has them. Fuck 'em says I. We are free and we want to keep it that way. NEVER give up your guns.

  6. Tea Party connection as stated by ABC....what poltroons!

    "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."
    ~ Mark Twain


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