Sunday, December 25, 2011

Set The Wayback Machine to Christmas Morning's in The 60's....

My brother and I would jump up to see what Santa had brought....

(Thanks to the power of Google and Bing, I can go back to those days with these images )


  1. This is cool. I had most of those.

  2. Hubby still has the Tinker Toys and the Lincoln Logs from his childhood :)

  3. I played with most of those even if I didn't actually get them (we weren't "poor" -- we were "Po'")...

    The most vivid memory is induced by the hot-wheels track. Left red-hot welts on my legs and back when used for their alternate duty of administering an old-school whuppin' to some kid who apparently forgot his place...

  4. Dedicated Dad... yes the hotwheels track was a great weapon of choice for smacking a misbehaving child.

    Maybe instead of time-outs and ADHD meds we should sell the tracks as a disciplinary tool :)hahhahaha

  5. Lotsa memories in that posting which brings me to this...have you ever been whipped with one of those orange race tracks? Shivers going down my legs now.

  6. i had almost everything you posted there.... Very cool stuff. I even dressed and looked like the kid on the lincoln log container.


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