Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Night Reading....

I just finished "Enders Game"   by Orson Scott Card earlier this evening and I was doing some googling  about the book when I happened across this recent news article about a possible movie with
"Harrison Ford" as Graff.

and now I am going to get started on "Foreign Influence"   by Brad Thor.


  1. I've only read one Brad Thor thriller, Ender's Game is a great book but my wife doesn't think it should be classified as a children's or even adolescent book.

  2. Harrison Ford would make a good Graff I think; however, I don't think he has enough ruthless bastard in him to be an excellent Graff. Tommy Lee Jones would make a better Graff.

  3. I agree on Tommy Lee Jones; maybe even a role for Keifer Sutherland in there somewhere. Or Michael Ironside, one of the few guys who was ever able to project a truly charming smile whilst disemboweling or gut-shooting someone.

    BTW - Orson Scott Card is phenomenal, and he wrote a book called Enchantment. I highly recommend it... good stuff.

  4. Loved Enders.... Check out Starship troopers.. Not the movie version the book... It was very cool... much different then the movie.. and much better.

  5. @J3 I read starship troopers awhile back thanks!!

    @Odysseus, SHepherd, and ParaPacem.. it would be great if they do a really good job of fitting the actors to the book characters. I guess we have to wait and see.


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