Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alas It's Not Mine BUT I Would Love To Have Scratched It!

I found this on the webz...does anyone know what state the ticket is from?


  1. Totally mystified here. Keep looking at this, wondering if I am the only dummy here...

  2. ah shit, i read the margin again and finally fig'd out...prob need to whack me with that shillelagh thing.

  3. Wish this one was mine..NC had something like this one not long ago.

    Funny thing is my Sister just won a thousand dollars today on a scratch off..She bought just ONE $10.00 Ticket. True Story!

    Maybe my problem is I can't buy just one :)

  4. Pissed, I posted a picture of my sister's winning lotto ticket today. If you want to see it :)

    BTW LOVE your background, I'm on my Son's monitor and can see it Great


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