Thursday, December 29, 2011

WTF???..... Beer Smuggling .......

H/T to "Bigredkev" over in the once Great Britain :)


  1. That's unbelievable. Don't know how it stays there.

  2. I bet she makes him mucho dinaro

  3. I shudder to thnk where that is wedged

  4. That was fucking amazing. I imagine that instead of vacuum power she utilizes some sort of a harness upunder her skirt. I would have liked to have seen the video of them trying to leave the store as I am guessing a store clerk caught that on the TV monitor as they were doing it; I mean who just reviews the surveillance tapes as part of their regular duties, it would be a waste of time in most cases.

    Happy New year,
    Glenn B

  5. Harness around the waist, under the skirt. Fairly common technique among "traveller" women I'm told...

    Why she had to "lube up" I have NO idea...


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