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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Stroll Down Memory Lane.....

I had to some parts to finish and  I had to catch up on some paper work at the shop today. It was kinda nice out and I felt like I should have been hanging at a cook-out with friends, but oh-well.
I got a little thirsty and headed up to the corner store to grab a few beers, hey its labor day right? Anyway  I was kinda drawn to the Miller High Life. I haven’t had these in awhile and they brought back  some good memories.

Back in 78-79 I worked at McDonalds. Myself and a good friend Mike never really took the job seriously but we had a shitload of fun.  We used to be scheduled for the lunch rush most of the time. He and I could handle it by ourselves with a little beer. I would meet him about a half hour before the shift and we would grab a six of Miller talls. We would pound them down and then go in for our shift. ( Hey we were young and wild in those days) . He and I would handle the whole lunch rush by ourselves and be having a blast. They used to scheduled four kids for the busy time but we used to just make the other two kids wash dishes.

Ah the memories….. I'm smiling as I write this.........

We had a lot of fun back in those days, when life was easier and carefree……. 

Not much has changed.......so to speak......


  1. ...we used to call it 'the girl in the moon beer' for the logo. Everyone has Miller High Life stories. Mine involves being lost on an Indian reservation trying to get out without asking one of the tribal cops.

  2. Hey Paul! Glad your back :) Oh I have more stories too ;)

  3. I worked at a chicken joint in high school. We used to drink the hell out of old school Millers in the parking lot after work. Those were the days.


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