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Friday, September 9, 2011

Son of ah bitch!...........Anyone Got a Neighbor Like This???

Just use care.... "ADULT LANGUAGE".... you know some EFF-Bombs...

I would like to know how this guys day is when things go better?


  1. That's not so bad. He's frustrated and cussin'. So what? He thinks he's alone and he just wants the stupid thing to cut the grass. He's not beating it with a 4 lb. hammer or running over it while screaming wild curses at the universe.

    Just a bad day with a balky mower and a neighbor with a video camera and no sense of privacy.

  2. Are you sure that's not a set-up?
    He's obviously pushing too fast into overgrown grass and acting out.

    I can't remember when I had grass that thick and green, but when I did I usually went slow so the mower could cut instead of dying.

    besides that look awful close to the cameraman's house.

  3. Well you guys all took a different perspective on that than I did, other than it might have been a set up for a viral video as Kurt said.

    If it was real , then I was thinking
    A: raise the mower deck or
    B: My God lifes toooo short to have that much aggravation over mowing a small area.... granted I never walked in the guys shoes and it sure as hell seemed like he was having a really shitty day.

    When I came across the video I put myself in the videographers situation and pictured he/she listening to the ranting. I know I cringe when the guy next door hits shit with his mower.. :)

  4. That's me too. So what.

    Now in answer to your querry, when my day goes better, it goes better and so does my mood. I would imagine the guy in the video is much the same. Maybe he, like I, has a black cloud that follows him around. Lest you think that is a negative attitude on my part to think I am followed by a black cloud, it actually has been the observation of my state by several other people I have met over the years. For instance, had I been mowing the grass, my luck would have been that I had just gotten my lawn mower back from the repair shop for a tune-up and it was crapping out on me like that and my wife was nagging me to get the grass cut (thank the heavens for sons).

    What I really have to wonder, if this is video of a real unstaged event, is this: Who is the asshole making the video and then releasing it on the Internet? Did that same moron also release it to the police along with some form of complaint? Probably a flag waving patriot who supports the Constitution except when it comes to the rights and liberties of others, or maybe a commie who thinks spying on and reporting neighbors over virtually nothing is grand, or maybe just someone who would be better off minding his own business lest a video camera wind up getting implanted up his ass (not an action condoned by me but people ofen get that for which they have asked). In most such real life cases, I would bet, if the cussing man took video of the guy who made this video, the guy who made it would be up in arms screaming about some sort of violation of privacy.

    Of course, the guy mowing the grass may just be the biggest dickhead this side of Pluto but again, so what.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  5. Hi Glenn :).. My guess is the videographer is a kid and was sitting in his room when all the swearing started. Nowadays everyone has pic and vid capability on their phones so he probably thought it would be a good clip for his youtube page.

    We've all had bad days and sometimes some seem to be worse than others. I feel bad that the guy trying to mow his lawn is so
    miserable as the video shows.

  6. I didn't know you lived next door to me.


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