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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hobby Modeling turned up to ELEVEN.....

Fred Heim does something that no one in this country does. And he does it as well as anyone could do.

Heim, 68, a woodworker for 58 years, makes exact replicas of popular earthmoving vehicles—a Peterbilt 379 pulling a 26-ft. Hill dump trailer, a Cat D8R and a Rogers 60-ton drop-side goose neck trailer with air suspension, fully functional hydraulics, a Cat 345CL excavator and a radio-controlled Cat 980H wheel loader.
All half size.
Not a miniature, not a shelf model, actual working vehicles with engines, carved out of mahogany, aluminum and plastic and fiberglass, and all to exacting specs 50 percent smaller than the real machines they honor.

Here are some pictures and a video to show you these amazing models..
Take a look at the driver in the cab

This baby is radio controlled

Notice the excavator on a trailer and the 18 wheeler on a trailer

Thats NOT a photoshop

Find more videos like this on WOODTube



  1. WOW- Fantastic, but he has WAY too much time on his hands... :-)

  2. Hey Old NFO ..GLad you like that :)
    I found his work to be amazing to say the least.. talk about patience!!

  3. Now that is pretty darn cool!! I have a weakness for construction equipment.

  4. This is GREAT...I've worked with animation and audio animatronics at this one company for years. I was carpentry foreman there before they went out of business...right down my alley!


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