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Friday, July 10, 2020

Scrolling The News... Hmmm, Here's an interesting headline...

Researchers: Mass. residents leaving home almost as much as before pandemic

 That's interesting I wonder how the "researchers" are getting their data? *sips coffee continues reading.

Jason Law

BOSTON — John Husson made sure his mask was on tight while throwing soft toss to his young daughter at Billings Field in West Roxbury.
Her travel league softball team is scheduled to begin games in Massachusetts and New Hampshire next week.
“We’re not quite as fearful, still a little bit fearful, but not nearly as bad,” Husson said about traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blah blah blah start off with a touchy feely lead-in.  

It seems a lot of our anxiety about leaving the house evaporated in the summer heat, and geolocation data from our cell phones support that theory. 

Oh really?

“We’ve seen mobility going up across the country fairly gradually,” Mike Warren said.
Warren is the co-founder of Descartes Labs, a New Mexico research company that uses our geolocation data to measure mobility--or how far we travel from home on a typical day--during the pandemic.

and I'm sure teh gov ain't invested somehow, right?

The data shows Massachusetts mobility is back to 75 or 80 percent of what it was before the pandemic, according to Warren.

“We can see in some other states is actually back up to 100 percent or even larger,” Warren said.

The good news for all of us is that the number of COVID-19 cases continues to trend downward in Massachusetts, even as our travel ramps back up.

But Warren can’t explain why the number of cases have exploded in other parts of the country, like Florida and Arizona, even though the data shows their mobility is roughly the same as Massachusetts.
“Something is different. Is it because more people are indoors now because it’s been hot and you’re just breathing recirculated air conditioned air? Or are people wearing masks more consistently in places where the outbreak was more serious early on? We just don’t know,” Warren said.
Descartes Labs also provided a state-by-state breakdown of travel in the northeast that shows Vermonters are traveling the most in July.

Massachusetts and New York residents are venturing out the least, according to the graph.

Warren said the data they collect is already anonymized, and there’s no way Descartes Labs can trace it to an individual or their phone numbers.

*cough *cough...bullshit

“We additionally have some other policies to make sure that any of the data we produce couldn’t be combined with the data other people have in order to track an individual,” Warren said. 

Ya.. ok.


  1. Between the weasels afraid of getting blamed for anything and the dictators, the whole thing is ridiculous.

    DeWidiot wants everybody wearing masks again.

  2. Which is why it's rare for my .gov tracking device to leave home.


    1. Yep, and when it does, it's OFF. If I ever have to get a replacement, if I can't turn it off I'll do without like I did before I bought the damn thing.


  3. As soon as they announced "Phase 3" starts blah blah blah, people just said "Let's go!" Anecdotally, traffic ballooned about 3 weeks ago and even the Karens are ignoring the signs in the supermarket. Shaws (supermarket chain) got rid of the security guards. Now I just show my mask before I go in (do I need to wear it) and most shop keepers nod "no". No one cares outside of the salons of Beacon Hill. Even the nurses being all butt-hurt no longer has an impact. Pretty sure our betters are not pleased with our ignoring "the new normal". And in the Volksrepublik! Wow.

  4. Anyone that moves to NH from MA or NY or in certain instances VT, and most other states should have to swear an oath to oppose a state income tax and to vote Republican or at least to leave behind all of the Marxist bullshit they're moving away from. But NNNOOOOOO.

    The thing that has really pissed me off recently in NH politics is allowing non-resident college students to vote in state and national elections as residents. What, they can't vote absentee in their own state? That's what has flipped NH from a solid red state 20 year ago to blue now.


  5. Stay in the sh@tholes you yankees created.

  6. Every time I read one of these posts about Massholistan I smile and think what a smart guy I am
    for self-deporting 3 decades ago...


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