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Friday, July 10, 2020

All the other "pots" are calling the "kettle" black

Comment from reader Jeffrey in Huntsville:

It’s a violation of the President’s 4th amendment right of privacy “of personal effects and papers.” Especially his income BEFORE he took office.  If the IRS is satisfied with his previous returns, it should end there.

I just checked Wikipedia, Nancy Pelosi is worth almost 60 million dollars! … and more than a dozen other congressmen are worth even more than her, so go investigate THEIR corrupt income that they earned while IN OFFICE. BTW, I learned from wiki that she comes from a very old and long line of Italian politicians that owned several Baltimore, Maryland political seats that stinks of the Italian MOB. After the Italians’ revered Christopher Columbus statue was thrown into the Baltimore harbor last week, she said she “doesn’t care much about statues, … the people are gonna do what they do.” 


  1. Excellent point.

    More intelligent discussion of rights in the Conservasphere than in the courts.

    If, as I believe, Trump gets at least 2 more picks for SCUS - at least, count on a lot of this nonsense being overruled.

  2. I'm wondering id Trump can turn this to his advantage - after this ruling , why should he not be able to subpoena the real returns of Bill & Hillary , and the entire Clinton Foundation ?

    1. That is an excellent point as well jerseygirlangie.


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