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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Mornin! Grab your covfefe and check out these videos..

 During the course of scrolling the webz these were a handful of videos that I felt were worth sharing.

Each one has it's own subject matter.


This video is from a guy name Bobby Watson<<  . If you hit the link check out the first video in the his timeline. It's in Los Angeles.

(borrowed from IOTWReport )


 This guy gets Karen'd in Walmart. He actually does fairly well against two nutjobs.


Go check out this one that Jeffli over at ANODTOTHEGODS posted 


Meanwhile the media keeps pushing the narrative to the masses...


What twists and turns are coming during the next 4 months??



  1. Christ on a pony - that woman whining about “lines on the floor”. Happened to me in Publix recently - I wasn’t followed by that butinski but it annoyed me nonetheless

  2. I was once asked how long should one wash their hands.....I said wash them like you just shook hands with a democrat....

  3. First week of the lockdown, I got accosted in the grocery store, by a grocery store employee, because I was walking the aisle against the arrows. I asked him, "So are you going to make me go back to he head of the aisle, go around thru another aisle and come up the right way?" He started to blather on and I told him "I'm only going one way" and proceeded on in the same direction. He must have accosted others in the same manner as I haven't seen him since.


  4. Poor guy attacked by a KAREN MORON pack. SIMPLE minds they have. the KARENS PROBABLY have a lib,art degree. Educated beyond "COMMON SENSE"? MAYBE?

  5. Yes, happened to me at ACE Hardware. Woman said in shock, "He's not wearing a mask!" and then proceeded to look after me in stunned amazement. I said nothing. Just went on with my bidness. Nothing happened to me. I had a good chuckle at "Karen's" stupidity.

  6. I haven't worn a mast anywhere yet and don't see any chance I will ever. If questioned by staff about a mask I reply I have an ADA exemption and can't where one. 1.They can't ask you what your disability is and 2.They can't refuse you service because of a disability. A nice "Catch 22" in our favor for once. A little back and forth happens with staff sometimes but I just kick back and enjoy the exchange. I offer to call the cops for the recording of the incident and suggest they should call their lawyer to see how much the settlement might be.

    I haven't been Karened yet but my rehearsed response would be something like "Oh gross!! Do you realize that the diaper on your face is so full of poop I can actually hear it squirting out of it." Seems like it might shut the whining down real quick except for the most virulent of zombies.

  7. If he learned one thing it should be never response to a snowflake either slap the sh@it out of them or just ignore them.

  8. To all the Karens of Walmart.

  9. so does your mask work? if it does, why do you care if I wear one or not? if it doesn't, why are you wearing it?


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