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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Just A Short Sample Of A Loooooooooong List....


  1. When you are a HB-1 foreign worker you and your business do NOT pay the government.

  2. I went in to *grumble* pay my property taxes a couple of weeks ago. Not one cent less than they're "due" because of my wife's job loss or my income reduction.

    Our beyond squish RINO governor hasn't lost a damned dime. Businesses devastated across the state, but he's fine, so whatev, bro.

  3. How about when you want to get married?


    1. When you marry, when you divorce, when you are born, when your kids are born, when you die, when you change address.

      When you want to express your God-given and Constitutionally acknowledged right to buy, own, keep, play with, store, clean, feed and carry a firearm or any other weapon.

      In some places, when you want to collect water running off your own roof (other places have banned it directly, at the same time charging you for 'storm runoff.' Well, maybe if you'd let them collect the water...)

      When you commit a minor crime (oh, it is so far past court fees and admin fees and restitution, some places have everyone pay into a 'black on black crime task force,' even if no blacks were involved in the crime.)

      When you want to transfer money. When you want to save money.

      When you want to change tires on your vehicle, or change your oil, or oil filter, or tires, or muffler

  4. I have been doing my damndest to avoid as many of these as possible since forever.
    That is a short list too. Things you don't see like the tax you pay on tires, your phone, all kinds of little dings here and there. Five years ago I saw a graphic with a list of over ONE HUNDRED taxes we pay and don't even know it.

    1. Up until recently, we were still paying taxes on in-home phones to pay for the Spanish-American War.

      I think they may have finally cancelled that tax. Maybe.

  5. That says it in a nut shell, concise, and succinct.

  6. "When you want to exercise your 2A rights with something with select fire or a suppressor"

    "Collect rain water on your own property"

    "Own dogs"

    "Grow your own food"

    "When you want to hunt your own land"


  7. "No billionaires left behind" I call it - My sister and her husband make about 18-19 million a year between the two of them. I make about 18 or 19 million less than they do per year, guess who pays more taxes? We hear "we have to let these people pay less taxes because they provide jobs" and yes, both own several businesses, and provide jobs, but both still make 18-19 million a year. They both got loans they're not going to have to pay back, etc. We as a country keep allowing the government to take our money and give it to them, what... hoping it will "trickle down" how stupid are we? That's never worked, and it never will... and no, the answer isn't to tax them more either because they're just raise their prices and bam... you're still taxed. You're never going to win this game unless you either decide not to play it or become them.

  8. "Should 5 percent appear too small,
    (tax man)
    Be thankful I don't take it all!
    'Cause I'm the Tax man, yea-ah, I'm the Tax Maa-ann...
    And you're working for no one, but me!"


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