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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Friggen' Guy Is Wrong More Often Than The Weatherman...


  1. Hahahahahaha! I nailed it! As soon as I saw the title, and before I came to your page, I thought, "Gotta be talking about that Maddow Guy!"

    1. You misspelled MadCow. 8^))


  2. Also, included in that report was that I have a sixteen inch penis, my wife was surprised as I was, but I'm strutting now. My wife is Bo Derek by the way.

    It's actually fairly easy to find out how the workforce is doing, and boggles the mind that everyone in the media has access to the data but is so fake they just report what's reported to them - check the primary PUA at the state levels where they can't fudge the numbers. This latest report isn't off as much as the last few, this one's off by 1.9 million, the last 2 were exaggerated by around 4 million. The real unemployment number is just over 47.1 million. Also check the manufacturing index, that's fallen off a cliff so there's no manufacturing going on, thus, no one's working. I know we're about to layoff around 25,000-27,000 come end of Aug at my company, with off payroll dates at Christmas. That's only around 6% of our staff but still pretty sizable for us, my job there is to figure out how to manage that lost headcount workload... normally difficult to figure out because we can't outsource or insource, typically need to retire a few products and move that headcount to the products we lost headcount on, but this time it's mostly offset by automation. Time to figure out how to write the software for robots people! They were busying during the covid shutdown for sure.

  3. And Shove another one up your ass and I mean after you use it to ass rape Joe Scarborough


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