Saturday, July 4, 2020

I can think of several more "entitlements" to add to this list (i.e. free education, healthcare, having $2,000 worth of visible tattoos , gold teeth, and other "bling", etc.)

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It is time to cut the purse strings of those who hate America and take every opportunity to loot, deface, and destroy what others have built while on the taxpayers dime.

H/T to Rusty @ Lakeshore


  1. Time to cut quite a few people off of welfare. Let 'em have a dose of reality.
    If there's no consequence, you'll get more of the same behavior.

  2. Cut the purse strings -- who, exactly, is at the heart of their money? Or to put it another way, what/who drives globalism?

    Happy 4th!

    1. I've said for years that if agitators lacked the social "safety net" there would be much less social unrest. I am against most government handouts, but if someone is caught breaking the law while on the .gov teet, then they forfeit those benefits. It isn't rocket science.

    2. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!??
      Seriously, this notion that felons should be allowed to vote, too... what in the actual fuck are these people thinking????

  3. It's been time, and past time, to end all welfare programs for decades. Hasn't happened. There's insufficient constituency to get rid of it and too much political advantage to be gained from buying the votes of low-information voters and people who've been taxed for their entire lives to finance other people's retirements in exchange for promises of benefits paid for by the next generation (which didn't get a say in the matter).

    I don't know how to fix the problem. I suspect that it's not fixable short of a total system collapse:-(.


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