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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Forwarded by Mike .. good read..

   I’m so confused right now. I see signs all over saying black lives matter. I’m just trying to figure out which black lives matter. It can’t be the unborn black babies. It’s not black cops. They don’t seem to matter. It’s not my black conservative friends. They are told to shut up if they know what’s best for them by their black counterparts. It’s not black business owners. Their property does not mean anything. It’s not blacks who fought in the military. Their statues are destroyed by the black lives matter protesters with disdain. So which black lives matter again?
Black Lives Matter. Of course they do! Then when multiple black police officers and individuals were killed during the “peaceful protests”. I don’t see any outrage? Black individually owned businesses burned to the ground. Silence. Deadliest weekend in Chicago. NOTHING!!
I can’t keep up. I just can’t. I’m exhausted trying to figure out what we’re all supposed to do, believe, and be offended and outraged by next.
Two months ago, First Responders were all the rage. In fact, they were heroes. We gave them free coffee, meals, and cheers as they drove by. Today, we hate them and want them defunded because they can’t be trusted.
Two months ago, truck drivers were the heroes, as well, for keeping America moving and the grocery stores stocked. Today we block the roads with protesters, drag them out of the cabs and beat them half to death.
Nurses and Doctors are still cool, for now. But they may be unemployed. They too are heroes, unless of course they truly believe all lives matter. Then they’re filled with hate and are part of problem like so many others.
Just 45 days ago protests weren’t “essential” and were considered criminal, selfish and a murderous activity. Today they are gloriously critical and celebrated. All of the obvious criminal and murderous activities are simply ignored. If you protest about lock downs for freedom, you are selfish and you will spread a virus. If you protest, loot, and riot for social justice, you are a warrior and the virus fades to the background.
Trust the experts. No, not those experts. Don’t wear masks ... wear masks, but only good ones. Wait, don’t wear masks, wear anything as a mask. Never mind on the masks. Not sure, but if you don’t, you hate people because you could be an asymptomatic spreader. Wait. That's not a thing anymore?
For 3 months, NOTHING was more important than social distance. In fact, we gave up all of our liberties for it. We canceled schools, medical and dental procedures, canceled activities, closed businesses, eliminated every spring rite of passage from prom to graduation, denied people funerals, even at Arlington, and we wrecked the economy for it. Then came social justice, and social distance was no more. Now things are more cut and dried though. A thousand people at three memorials for someone they never even met. It's a matter of "respect". But you can only assemble 100 or less people.
I’m really confused now. Look at the data, NO, not that data. Do the math. No, you can’t do the math like that. Only the experts can understand the data and math. What do you mean other cities/states/governors are interpreting the data differently? Pools are safe in Indiana, but not Michigan? Playgrounds are safe in your town but not mine? Amusement parks are safe in Florida but not Ohio, nor Michigan.
If you are silent you are part of the problem. If you speak, you are part of the problem. If you have to ask, you don’t understand. If you don’t ask, you don’t care.
It’s all so predictable, tedious, and exhausting. Nothing adds up. It’s one gigantic Math life problem, with ever changing denominators that I’m sure the media and politicians are eagerly ready to solve for us...until the next "crisis".


  1. So the evil demoncrat gambit of "confuse them" is working then.

    1. No.

      All you have to do is understand most people resent the bullying the Lefties employ. People see and they know how all this works.

  2. What a great analysis of what is happening in our country. If you have nothing but a liberal arts education, you do not have the critical thinking skills necessary to see through all the BS and your response might be "maff be hard, tell me what to believe".

    TN Patriot

  3. All this, of course, only helps Trump. If you remember '68 (and this is all that much worse), this is what pushed Nixon in.

    Intimidation is the game, but election is the way you fight back. That, and the fact the buying public votes with its dollars.

    One great irony is all the sports "heroes" are cutting their own throats and are too dumb to see it. People are finding out they can live without sports and first run movies.

    1. While I agree with you completely, I would note that one difference between now and 1968 is that the Left is aware of the consequences of an election. Hence, the push for mail-in voting; their best answer for stealing it.

  4. we're supposed to get "exhausted" & exasperated. Then we'll stop giving a shit. That's when we're done; finished. A very good friend of mine, former military, national intelligence, said he couldn't watch or read any more. I told him he should be ashamed of himself for thinking that. "Democratist: The radicalization of a Democrat. It's a new lifestyle, like an Islamist. They're not religious. They're fanatics & anarchists. And will burn it all down if we let them.

  5. Copied from other quotes, in particular Joseph diGenova..."I vote and buy guns" and I added and ",buy ammo and practice shooting skills".

  6. Anyone that thinks Covid is a joke needs to visit the hospital and check it out yourself. I had a pre-op 9 days ago, and minor surgery 8 days ago. When I got dropped off for my surgery I went to where I had my pre-op, the specialty center, and they pointed me around the hospital (you can't walk inside). I thought they were pointing me to side entrance, there is a side entrance to the side entrance, I found the door open but the second set of doors was locked, but I was able to go up a floor and through a door and down the other side so I did that. Turns out the side entrance is the Covid entrance. That was all I needed to see to enforce how important masks and social distancing is. This virus, you don't want it.

    Bunch of men, my age (52) and older, waiting on chairs spaced way apart. With masks and wide-eyed scared staring around as they hacked away in their masks. Waiting for their turn to be admitted, called up, put in a wheelchair and wheeled away from what could be the last view of outside they may ever see.

    Fuck me if I'm not masking up, social distancing and avoiding crowds, that was my wake-up call. Further-more I'm not what I'd call overweight 5'10" 200, and it fits my body-type, but seems best survival for this for me would be to be around 175 (even though I was last that weight about 25 years ago.) I've been working on losing that now for a week.

    Think you don't need a mask, and social distancing is BS, go to the hospital and check it out yourself. No one stopped me from going in, I even came up behind the inch thick Plexiglas separating the admitting staff from the people waiting to be admitted and freaked them the hell out thinking I was there for Covid and had somehow gotten around their Plexiglas barrier protecting them.

    If you're in MN, go to Fairview Ridges, the west entrance, you don't have to come anywhere near to going in. The atrium is all glass, that's where they're having people wait to be admitted. You'll see what I saw and change what you may think is BS about this virus.

    We need to wear masks, we need to social distance, we need to hold off until we have a vaccine or until all the younger generations (under 35) get it and provide some sort of cover for the rest of us.

    On the other hand, I did see an interesting take on this. We've been lucky as humans the last 70 years or so, having figured out antibiotics, etc. More than 80 years ago people had 10-12 kids because you knew 1/2 of them would die from something before they reached adulthood. It's possible Covid will just keep mutating, and killing off shitloads of people again and again, so maybe in 20-30 years society will need a shift where they're having 10-12 kids again. My dad came from a family with 12 kids, my grandparents all from very large families 8-14 kids, maybe that's how this gets fixed.

    1. So what you're saying, George Jetson, is that just because you took a wrong turn and happened to see a bunch of freaked out people, somehow means that we should all be freaked out too. Yeah, I'm going to take your opinion seriously.

      As for your advice "to visit the hospital and check it out yourself", are you really that fucking stupid? By definition, hospitals are full of sick people, so whether the beer virus is real or not, visiting the hospital without a bona fide reason makes no sense.

      No one stopped you from going in? That's because no one expected that you'd be stupid enough to enter if you weren't a patient who actually belonged there. Again, if the virus were real, you'd have it for sure after walking through that ward.

      Seriously man, you're in the low risk demographic, so go drink some beer and shut up.

    2. Anonymous: Hear-hear! I was formulating a similar response before realizing that you were way ahead of me. Granted, I may (or may not) have been a tad more diplomatic, but as far as I'm concerned you hit it out of the park.

  7. The thing I liked about FI's site (aside from FFF), was that comments here weren't met w/the same bullshit ridicule commentary as other sites. Respectful disagreement is healthy and 100% AMERICAN. GJetson should be able to make his point w/out the bullshit. All big boys here seemingly rowing in the same direction. Happy 4th!

  8. GJetson - a long diatriabe devoid of facts. The CDC/WHO's own data says the mortality rate is 0.24% which is slightly more than the flu season.
    Living in fear isn't living but it's your choice.


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