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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Reader Jeffrey Sends.....

I just applied simple math to prove OVER-counting CV19-attributed death rate in New York (N.J. & Mass 2nd/3rd) to ensure Wall Street stays vacated as long as possible. I took the top TEN (mostly blue states) that have the highest deaths per 100,000, totaled & averaged them to 41.4 per 100,000, but N.Y. is reporting 126 per! N.J. is 89 per, and Mass is 58 per  = over-counting deaths attributed to CV-19 just to keep Wall Street closed! And keep in mind I used the top ten (mostly blue states) to get this average. If I used all 50 states, it would be much lower. And if I used only RED states, it would be MUCH MUCH lower = CV19-attributed death rates are politically driven!
CNN reported a poll that showed 44% of conservatives want the economy to open, while only 4 percent of liberals do! Tell me THAT is not politically driven! Also notice that the left coast, even Kalifornia, is not over-counting, not even in the top ten. Why? Obviously because Wall Street is in New York!  The Blue states surrounding Wall Street have ALL the political reasons to ramp up even more FAKE news. Sadly, FOX, NEWSMAX, and OAN won't even make a point of these distorted, out-of-proportion attributions to CV19.
Last, if we tested at this HUGE rate during past flu seasons, I highly suspect we would have seen FAR higher numbers in some years. So why all of the massive testing this year? Simple: to keep numbers high to keep economy/markets down for a political goal.

Irish asks " So, this begs the question, if this was a random event how did they so rapidly plan to execute the economy like this, or did they know in advance?"


Interesting story at Project Veritas...

Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic, Fear Numbers are 'Padded'


  1. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/provisional-tables.htm

    Year Month Number of Deaths
    2018 April 233,000
    2018 March 249,000
    2018 Feb 237,000
    2018 Jan 287,000

    There were 1,006,000 deaths in the first four months of 2018

    United States – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate ——Growth Rate
    2019 8.782 —— — 1.12%
    2018 8.685 ——– —1.22%
    2017 8.58————-1.24%

    The problem is I can’t find the number of YTD 2020 deaths (actual count, not rate per 100,000) anywhere.
    I don’t know how the media can write 'legitimate' articles that says we are increasing, when I can’t source the 2020 numbers.

    1. The word is getting out. And, if you want to see the real fun, wait till next week, when the country is informed those will be the last unemployment checks.

  2. As to the economy, the village idiots on many a comment board make a show of telling everyone Trump's only real claim to success was the BEST economy EVAH!!!

    But now he doesn't have that, so he'll lose.

    Actually, the market crash (which I still say was engineered) caused very little systemic damage and the Democrat governors and mayors, enjoying their Mao in the sun, are helping ensure '20 will be like '72, if not'84.

  3. I'll admit, when this China Flu stuff first started, it made me look up and pay attention. But as the days passed, I noticed the inconsistency in the numbers the media spit out at us. Then I heard from several in the medical community that the numbers being inflated...no matter what the actual cause of death was, if they had the CV at all, then THAT'S what they died of.
    Numbers, when accurately applied, don't lie, but skewed numbers produce skewed results.
    I'm left wondering just what the end game is in this scam...and I'm wondering with fully functional firearms and plenty of ammo. What is this a test run for?

  4. Not to mention, why did Fredo order Covid patients to be treated in nursing homes while making no provisions for isolating the already frail residents? Same thing in Mass. Why were Covid patients allowed to be treated at the Soldiers Home in Holyoke among men in their 80's and 90's?


  5. Consider that NY's high mortality rate is directly tied to their forcing nursing homes to take patients that had COVID. Mixing the infected with those at greatest risk never made sense and half the state's deaths came from that source. Even normalized* their rate is still high, but closer to that of MA.

    *Taking into account that even without the bad policy there would still have been nursing home deaths.

  6. Let's not overlook the Gates/John Hopkins war game last year called Event201 where all this was laid out. Was this planned to take down the presidency? Can we also look out for China to scoop up a load of shares in American companies while they are cheap?

  7. **Irish asks " So, this begs the question, if this was a random event how did they so rapidly plan to execute the economy like this, or did they know in advance?"**

    (adjusting foil coif) Insomuch as there is a flu season EVERY year, 'they' could have planned out an operation well in advance, and simply sat on the plans waiting for the 'right time'. The operation would be the same no mater WHAT strain of flu virus popped up...all they had to do was hype it to the rafters to fire up the boilers, then keep shoveling in the fuel till they got to their goal.


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