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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Now You Know

H/T to reader Robert in Cullman


  1. Women that look like you could swim in them.


  2. I had to explain this one to my wife. Slowly... Twice. She had a hard time with the boobies hanging out. I explained that they didn't have air conditioning then, if they had gotten fatter during the quarantine like some folks have, ahh hem, urgh, ah, ...well maybe their clothes had shrunk. She is from Quebec. God, I love her so
    M U T C H! ;) We almost hate having to go back to work. This has been fun for a lil while. I am going to have to restock our Emergency Supplies, and remember to lay in more snacks that go good with alcohol. When you get some PROGRESSIVE, LIBERAL, DEEP STATE, DOUCHE NOZZLE, PROFESSOR NIGHTHAWK FRIGGING WANNA-BE, and his SCARF Wearing Skanky Sidekick, trying to shove Lemons up your AZZ everyday, you just have to make a shitty lemonade, into an AWESOME WHISKEY BITTERS. FTW!! Pass the Jack! THIS IS AMERICA for Crying OUTLOUD. These NEFARIOUS DEEP STATE MF'ERS that released this schitt storm on WE THE PEOPLE just to make OUR President TRUMP look bad, have gots to be PUNISHED REAL HARD, PUBLICALLY, AND IN A GROTESQUE MANNER, NOW!!!!! I'm thinking Vlad the Impaler, type punishment. Hanging, would be WAAAAY to Easy. Thanks for the laughs, Jeffery. WWG1, WGA!

  3. I like chubby wimmens with boobs hanging out or down... I like chubby wimmins best when they is cooking.


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