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Thursday, May 7, 2020

I Find This Extremely Interesting... ETA

  During the course of last night I got a text from the "Boss's" daughter who wrote "you need to watch this". About an hour later I got another text from a good friend whom I haven't spoken to in a few weeks. Basically the same thing "watch this video". Then, before hitting the hay, I checked email and one of my readers from over the northern border forwarded it. Writing:

Millions of views in two days 

Very interesting video just came out about the pandemic, featuring an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits.
attached was a link that is now dead.

 I forwarded it to some others that I trust for their judgement and the link I sent them is now removed.

For the record, I have not watched it all so I can't comment but I'm sure some of you have.

What got me is that three different people from extremely different backgrounds, geographic location and age group all sent this in the span of one evening.

Here is a copy I found. Again, the veracity needs to examined although they really seem to be trying to stifle this so it might not be here soon.

More proof.. I just stopped over THEBURNINGPLATFORM and guess what?

The video was posted there and it's gone.


https://www.bitchute.com/video/mIEwe3JdjJhb/  <<<< HERE AS WELL<<


  1. The truth has been out there all along.

    For some, it's just catching up.

    It's been pretty obvious this was a scam although a lot of people are just realizing how badly we've been had.

    Reckoning is going to be a bitch.

  2. I watched it two days ago , it has to be reposted over and over or it is gone. Kind of makes one think there is something some people don't want you to see.

  3. Might be removed because of this?


    tallow pot

    1. If you're going to Wikipedia for "the Truth", then you're beyond help. Think critically about it for one second: would any company file theft charges against an upper management female they've just let go? Hell no, they'd let it go, pray she didn't cry sexual discrimination, and be glad she's gone. I haven't watched the video yet, but the Wikipedia page is a smear-job to discredit what she says.

    2. While I'm not a scientist, I do think critically at times. I believe that vaccines for diseases like smallpox and polio have made our lives better. Admittedly there is a small percentage that have adverse reactions to such vaccines, but on the whole, we are all much healthier for them. For someone to be an anti-vaxxer leaves them suspect in my mind.

      tallow pot

    3. With people able to edit Wikipedia on the fly, not a reliable source of info IMHO.

    4. Wiki is nothing but propaganda. I rarely referred to it, but Jerry Pournelle tried to edit the article about him to correct the part about his doctoral dissertation and it was changed back within minutes. The last time he tried, it was changed back withing seconds.

      Truth and facts are not something to look to wiki for. It's run by fringe lefties.

    5. You should watch the video before offering your "opinion". The woman is NOT an anti-vaxxer; just the opposite. Her credibility--in my opinion--is outstanding. Compare that to Fauci, whom I consider to be a rogue at best. I hope for her sake she doesn't have any dirt on the Clintons...

  4. I saw this a couple days ago posted I can't remember where. I didn't watch it then. I'm not going to watch it now. I have a policy about watching vids that are more than 5 minutes long. In fact, when vids are more than about 45 seconds, I generally pass, no matter how good the message might be.

    I do know that youtube/google and twitter have been removing vids, texts and documents that are counter to the kung flu narrative. They're using "science" as the basis for determining whether whatever they're reviewing in this space is bad think.

    Pretty alarming that commercial companies are now in charge of censoring.

    More 1984 than 1984.


    1. The Left learned, a LONG time ago, about the importance of controlling the information flow.

  5. Wikipedia has an agenda if you look Judy Mikovits up on their site, they say she is anti vaccination, and she clearly isn't. They do try to discredit her. It makes you think, why?

    Plus she identifies the original research in North Carolina, which your site showed the documentation to weeks ago. How about an interview with Li Zheng Shi the "batwoman" who has been involved with this for years?

    How and why was Fauci so confident of the "surprise pandemic" and what does he have to gain? And what the heck is Bill Gates doing with this? Look at his TED talk, he seemed to know about this stuff a while ago.

    No aluminum foil hat here, but I just wonder about this whole thing.

    1. I've said before: Fauci said WILL.

      Now, I've been around the block enough times to know that you say MAY and PROBABLY and LIKELY and so on - I do it in my own technical writing, after being instructed to do so many years ago by the PhD department head of the place where I worked.

      Fauci's been around long enough to know that.

      He said WILL. To me, that's mighty suspicious.

  6. I saw excerpts of this about two weeks ago, wrapped into another video that didn't last long on the WWW either. This is an excellent interview and it is meant to inform We the People about our "Elites" and all that they have been doing behind the scenes. This is the educational phase of the Plan to tear down the walls that they have surrounded themselves with. Some folks just can't believe it, until they see it. Well, this is just one of those circumstances. There is so much more to come. Subjects like Adrenochrome, Cannibalism, Abominations against Children, Global Controls and Manipulation of Crops, Raw Materials, Water, and of course their BIG KAHUNA, The Pseudo religion of Climate Change. Their WORST NIGHTMARE is if We the People of the World WAKE UP and discover all of their CRIMINAL Behaviors and Endeavors. This is the GREAT AWAKENING, these videos and documentaries are to inform as many people as possible. Of Course they, the Elites, will NOT WANT THIS INFO TO GET OUT. Honestly, If America Falls the Rest of the World won't have a Chance in Hell. The Adversary KNOWS this all too well. These People are EVIL! These People are SICK! These People are SCARED SHITTERS! They are Powerful, and they are CORNERED. The lights have been turned on in different corners of their lil nest, and they are being EXPOSED. Something New Everyday will come our Way. Again, this is the Plan. Enjoy the Show. 17?

  7. I was able to RIP a copy of the Dr. Judy Mikovits documentary, Plandemic Part One and post it on my blog if Google and the Tech Tyrants strike again. Also linked back to The Feral Irishman for peaking my interest to begin with.
    Be well and Thank You, Randall

  8. I always look at net worth.. Dr fauci is worth 500milion bucks.. he makes 384K a month..kinda gives some cred..can't find much about net worth but this is the link...https://informationcradle.com/anthony-fauci/

    Informationcradle is based out of kenya.. that's funny right there!!!

  9. I downloaded the video so if it goes away, and on You Tube it's just a matter of time since it challenges the narrative of the fringe left. You can download Viddly (free) and download a copy yourself. Once installed, just click in the URL bar and the URL will highlite, then right click and click copy. Then go to your open copy of Viddly and you will see the URL and after a short bit, the actual title of the video you want to download.

    To determine where the download will be sent on your system, click on setting>preferences to get the dialog where you can set "Downloads." You can then set the destination of your download. The product is an mp4 video. I suggest everyone download a copy for themselves.

  10. I think that $384,000 is yearly, not per month. Not bad, but doctors do very well.

  11. I've got it and will up it somewhere soon. I've downloaded near everything I've seen of interest for the past 20 years so I expect to be suicided soon ☺

    The further society drifts from the truth, the more it despises the names of those who speak it.
    As it is now so has it been for recorded history.

    What's coming next?
    A shitshow that'll make CV-19 look like a holiday.
    Make yourselves as totally self sufficient as you can by the end of the year.

  12. And, Just like that the video is gone again.
    I have it if you or anyone else would like it.

  13. utahgunexchange.com has it on their UGETube patform. Excellent interview.


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