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Saturday, May 9, 2020

May 9th 6:43am.. I Think That 4th Grader Was Onto Something....

Current conditions......


  1. Nice surprise here in rural north central Ohio. We got about ⅛ in of granular snow early am today. Real patchy. Some on cars and decks and under trees. None in grass. Too warm, I guess. It was 26 when I got up.

  2. Still winter there.

  3. Had snow overnight here in Joisey too!

  4. "Corornavirus dies easy with heat, humidity and sunlight"

    It snows.

  5. Got about 4" here,

    Whitehall, NY

  6. It's supposed to be 80 freaking degrees here today.

  7. Down here in Florida, I'm running around in shorts and stripping off my tank top.
    Gotta get in the pool soon to finish vacuuming it out.

  8. In Minnesota it is raining now and will be snowing tonight and tomorrow morn. It'll be gone soon enough but shit! I have whiskey and beer so all is not lost.

  9. Hey, quit complaining - it's not sticking, is it? Just a temporary nuisance...
    70+ here in Eastern Washington/North Idaho today. Phil is even hotter, near 80 or thereabouts.

    Just some idiot in Canada left the refrigerator door open when they went for a beer!

    1. 82 inside the house at 4 in the afternoon. I had to over ride the wifely units settings on the fucking thermostat.

  10. 37 when I woke up needed to have pants on today. been in work shorts for the last three weeks

  11. Good grief you guys. I would love 70 and 80 degrees about now. Been in the 100s all week currently 99 - in Arizona.

  12. It snowed, big fat flakes at 4 this afternoon on Lawn Guyland, Noo Yawk, matching a record set back in 1977 for the latest snowfall in this area. Ever.

    Can someone get that Greta twirp on the line and tell her to stand down, already? Mother Earth has spoken and she ain't taking no shit. As we say in this burg, "I got yer 'global warming' RIGHT HERE!"



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