Tuesday, February 25, 2020

You can't make this shit up. Biden tells South Carolina crowd he is a candidate for the U.S. Senate

It is scary to think that at one time this man was next in line to be the ruler of the free world. If 'ol Shotgun Joe is this easily confused by the rigors of campaigning, I cannot imagine how he'd deal with a real crisis as president. 



  1. Glad I moved from Charleston & don't have to deal with the traffic anymore cause Im sure it's a cluster fuck tonight. After 50 yrs of democrats running the place it was getting unlivable.

  2. maybe a bit of silicone would help him, too?

  3. Biden = Dead Man Walking


  4. And just like clockwork, Jimbo Clyburn has endorsed Biden. Meanwhile, SC's largest news rag, The State came out (no pun intended) and endorsed Pete Buttigieg. Clyburn must be beside himself as The State has always supported him and had previously endorsed Obama twice. The State btw is owned by McClatchy which has recently filed for bankruptcy protection. The democrats and their enabling media are in shambles.


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