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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How does Coronavirus compare to Ebola, SARS, etc? ( From The Inbox )


I can't vouch for the data.


  1. This has been ridiculously overhyped.

    Only 10 deaths outside Red China, about 50 cases in this country. I guess Fake News needed something to take people's eyes off the Democrat clown car.

    And, no, I wouldn't trust what the Red Chinese and WHO ()part of the UN say without independent verification.

    Speaking of untrustworthy, see where the CDC's point broad in all this is Rod Rosenstein's sister?

    Now that really inspires confidence. /sarc

  2. Whoever did that is a first-class dipshit. The outbreak began nearly three months ago, not one.
    Someone's had their head up their @$$, obviously.
    Kung Flu is now working towards Day 90 as of now, not Day 30; it was a thing back as far as December.
    On Day 90 of Ebola 2014, there were 527 cases, and 338 deaths.
    And the problem with the numbers on Ebola deaths is that the countries involved were under-reporting them by at least 300%, and that's only the ones they confirmed.

    This YouTube vid is classic "it must be true, because it's on the internet" total bullsh*t.
    Please, stop giving this crap eyeballs.

    1. don't look at the "numbers" dead, look at percent dead vs overall ill. numbers lie. "everyone" knows spanish flu of 1918 killed a lot of humans but the true numbers will never be known. 20 Million+ all the way to 100 Million. Pick a number.
      Ebola is so bad it burns itself out of vectors very quickly with 60%+ mortality rates. the flu, not so much;.05~3.0% mortality rates.
      issue with corvid-19 is the apparent weaponizing gene mods done to increase it's dispersion before it mutates into something less virulent. at three percent of a world wide human population of 7.7 billion, the mortality rate of three percent would mean a lot of dead meat laying around,roughly 230,000,000 dead. at 0.05% the total dead worldwide would estimate-hell you do the math. but, not everyone will get the virus. the thing about virus mutating is that sometimes it doesn't get kinder and gentler. sometimes it gets worse.
      needless to say it depends on who's numbers you are looking at. Don't bother looking at Chinese releases, the People's Liberation Army isn't even telling their political leaders the facts. the labs in wuhan are a PLA organ. PLA funds itself and has no outside watchdogs to call a stop to dumbassery.
      I don't intend to depend on the mainstream media for information, internet is where they go for stories now anyway and we all know how fact filled the internet is. one guess is as good as another. internet is just another level of bs to sort thru. assuming the worst possible outcome and dial it back a notch and remember your training in biowar defense.
      I'll just bet you all the preppers are laughing "I told you so" at the media.
      As an aside, I find the use of the obsequious cotton surgical face mask to be humorous. a cotton fiber face mask may stop a dust particle or rather large bacterium, but a virus is oh so much smaller. not an effective prophylactic for a virus. kinda the reason level four suits use canned air.

  3. Forget the infection rate. You need to look at the death rate and 2% is peanuts compared to this strain of Ebola at 50%.

  4. Stock up on bleach and lysol

  5. They'll have a vaccine after Bernie is elected. ;-)

  6. 80K/year die from the flu. Wake me when Corona hits half that

  7. The mark of an advanced culture is what they do with their poo. Cartographers don't use the word ****hole lightly.

  8. Just to show how thinking with your emotions makes you an idiot, here in Japan Prime Minister Abe has closed all of the K-12 schools for the next month because of the dread pirate roberts - sorry, I mean the dread covid-19 virus. Never mind that children are virtually unaffected by the damn virus!!!! WTF!!
    Nevertheless, people in Japan are even starting to panic. There is a run on toilet paper. Apparently the fact that the chances of dying from covid-19 are 1 in 3,000,000 - you can look it up - is of no consolation to the intellectually superior Asians. Sorry, I couldn't resist pointing out that thinking with your emotions makes you an idiot regardless of your race.
    80% of fatalities are people over 60 with pre-existing health problems like diabetes, you know, the same people that die from the freaking flu!! Are any of you panicking because of the flu? or the common cold? being struck by lightning? Why is there not a run on Faraday cages, as the odds of being struck by lightning in the USA are around 1 in 300,000, 10 times the risk of covid-19 worldwide!!

    The danger is not from the virus, it is from the reaction of millions of ignorant idiots that can't perform the simplest logic or arithmetic, and the evil politicians that incite them. You should fear them more than the virus. Good luck to you all.

  9. "I can't vouch for the data"

    Not many can. I'm a little shocked at the number of people taking the numbers from the chinese government at face value.


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