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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Mad Mike Huges Killed During "Homeade Rocket Launch".

One of the many stories about this incident can be read by clicking HERE.


  1. Hi Irish,
    'Ran into a couple of "Flat Earth'ers" here an' there... Gotta tell ya'... they were "Dip'ed!!!!"
    'Back in my NAVY Daze I made it to NZ down there by Aussie!! We didn't fall off!! But we did run into "TYPHOON TESSIE!!!" somewhere around Pago Pago complements of Comode-Door LaCava over-riding the Navigator's calculations!! 5 DAZE of gettin' "HORNSWAGGLED!!" by the BITCH!! 3/4 of the crew was seasick... I LOST 15 POUNDS!! Went from 175 down to 160 (Meat pounds not water!!!)in 5 daze no food.. pukin' mucus when ya' couldn't puke no more!! But we didn't fall off the earth!!! In the storm we did get every piece of radar and radio communication exterior antenna's knocked out of commission!! No COMMO!! with the overcast we couldn't even shoot a fix on the sun!! finally after 5 daze we got pushed out to the outer edges and safer water.. 2 of the ship's HELO pilots climbed up the flight deck to the ship's helo, raised NZ on an emergency frequency, they sent a P-2 out looking for us and "Pointed us" in the direction of NZ!!! What a trip.. Brother all I say is documented in the log of the USS OKINAWA LPH-3 I was Ship's Company V-6 div Paraloft!! I'll get my cruise book and post you some pictures!!!
    Never mind the "Monster's of the Deep!!" The "Mermaid's" In NZ were true to all the stories of the old salt's!!!

  2. I don't think the world is flat, but I love the flat-earthers for reminding us to question EVERYTHING.

  3. Reckon his world really was flat, at least at the end...


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