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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Some Observations This Morning..

Some Amazon and Walmart items are being gobbled up or are low due to not coming from suppliers. I have seen comments on other blogs where people are noting that items are not in stock or people are buying up extra. The local grocery or big box stores like Costco, BJs etc. 

Searching "Purell" on Amazon it seems high priced. It's available but not in all sizes or configurations  like small travel or individual wipes.

Canned goods, freeze dried meals, OTC medications.

Some carry the notes:

"Currently Unavailable"

"Out Of Stock"

I googled some the emergency food suppliers.

Here are snapshots of a couple well known companies here in the USA. 

"High Volumes" of orders.

"Not Accepting Orders"

 This is gonna get interesting.


  1. The real reason the markets dropped 2000 points in 2 days.

    People are finally getting the message that depending on Red China for vital supplies is a really bad idea. Trump was right again.

    Especially when it can be shut down by the flu.

    1. I would hope that this will bring back some of the manufacturing to the USA. We, at my place of employment, have to do contingency planning for our product line in case of a severe disruption. One has to wonder if the conglomerates ever thought about this or didn't think a disruption like this could occur.

    2. This 2014 blog post seems prophetic:



      It’s not just military materials. In the venerable New York Times there’s a critical sentence in this article: Medicines Made in India Set Off Safety Worries: “The crucial ingredients for nearly all antibiotics, steroids and many other lifesaving drugs are now made exclusively in China.” – above and beyond the baseline theme of the article about concerns over medicine and other products from outside the US in general. I’m not a chemical engineer, but I can’t imagine that ramping up human-grade production of these materials in the US would be quick.

  2. In Canada its worse because besides the shortage of chinese made goods we also are suffering from idiots blockading rail lines.

    If you look at this website
    It lists all the medications in shortage because of disruptions.

    Even if china restarted every factory instantly today it would be months till the disruptions end. Plus China has banned export of medical supplies.


  3. About a week after the first announcement in January, I went to Home Despot to acquire some N95 masks. None to be had. I've been checking on line every couple days and still none.


  4. I picked up a few things at rainydayfoods.com (Walton Feed), looks like they still have a decent stockpile if you're missing stuff. High freight charges, though.

    Jeff Bezo's jet is in New Zealand. A quick vacation?


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