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Monday, September 30, 2019

How I Would Rather Spend My Monday...

But no....... off to the salt mines.....


  1. I feel sorry for all of you nonretired people. Now excuse me while I take my early morning nap........

  2. I am 59, and retired early on disability due to both chronic daily migraines, and back issues stemming from a broken back from a car accident in 1980. I worked in a steel making facility where we made steel for the investment cast industry, and the aerospace industry. So I was one of the guys who wore an aluminum suit all my life, and also did a lot of heavy lifting and some rather specific mathematics for the industry. Plus some safety training that most industries are subject to.
    Even though I spent my entire life in a rather unpleasant and hard physical work type job, I would trade my near continual pain for the ability to continue to work a few more years. Those who suffer from chronic pain, and also suffer from the government and their battle against opioid use will understand.
    One of my first cars was a Ford Gran Torino, in a baby blue. That 351 Cleveland engine was super strong, and that car was very fast off the start. I only was beaten one time, by a Corvette, who lined up at a stop light, and we started off even, until he shifted into second gear. Then, he was pretty much gone. But if I still had that car, it would be worth a lot more than I paid for it.

  3. Are the leaves looking like that up your way already?

    1. Yes, Those are pictures I found of the Kangamangus Highway. Route 112 about 2/3 up the map in New Hampshire. It goes from Conway to Lincoln. Right now peak foliage is starting and we have had some beautiful weather the past few weekends. It’s also getting cold at night.

  4. aHHHH..........to be retired. Age 66+, still working.
    I'd love to be at a local reservoir, sittin' in a folding chair, Cold Drink in one hand, seegar in the other, wettin' a fishin' line (catching a fish is optional), crackling campfire behind me.

    Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman


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