Thursday, July 6, 2017

With all of the hottie twenty-something teachers (and older ones too) being arrested lately for having sex with students, I wonder if this young man thought he was getting "shortchanged" having to perform for this older woman

Married Teacher Allegedly Adopted 15 Yr. Old Boy Who Had Been Her Student For The Purpose of Eventually Having Sexual Relations With Him

43 year old Ranya Culver of Trenton, NJ

The fifteen year old boy told authorities "we had sex almost every day over several months".

                                                      A few pictures of some of the teachers who have been in the news lately can be seen below:

Though it was a few years back, who can forget Pamela Rogers Turner from Tennessee?

We joke a bit about "not having teachers like those when I was in school" (I only had one K-12 that would come even come close), but in all seriousness this is a tragedy for everyone involved. I would imagine Mrs. Culver who had been teaching since 1997, is married, and was earning $94,500.00 per year teaching school is wishing she had of made some different decisions in regards to this "situation". To read the story, click HERE. I just saw this article today, but her arrest was May 11th.


  1. If it was a male teacher grooming a 15 year old girl the media would go ape shit.


  2. I don't recall any of my teachers attractive at all. Oh, Mrs. Rapp! WWOTW.

  3. What is this about teachers being underpaid?!
    $94.5 a year?

    And I had a few crushes over the years, but molestation is molestation!



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