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Monday, July 3, 2017

Thoughts On Dana Loesch's New NRA Video From Reader Mark C....

I watched the new video with Dana Loesch.  Not chilling, except maybe to a Lib. 

Basically they (the NRA and Conservatives) are tired of the Left's and Media's lies and BS, and they are no longer going to be quiet and sit back and waiting to be trashed by the Left.  They are now going on the offensive by telling the truth and presenting 'THEIR' side of the issues.   Basically the 'silent majority' is not being silent any longer. 

No violence of any sort, unless you consider speaking up for yourself being violent...

In reading the coverage by the major media this morning, and their collective Losing Their [collective] Minds over the video, and what Ms. Loesch is actually saying: "Using violence during the course of political debate is wrong, stupid, and dangerous".    Yet, somehow Loesch’s message been morphed into, “… she’s a racist white supremacist that’s yearning for civil war”.

Even liberal politicians have been unnerved. California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said “that chills went down his spine”. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) thought that the ad “was telling people to shoot liberals”.

What kind of drugs are these people snorting?

Here is the ad.  Watch it for yourself and decide if it is "violent" as depicted by the Left.


  1. " California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said 'that chills went down his spine'. "
    That would, of course, presume that he had one.

  2. The left is left with nothing but lies. This sort of nonsense will not change until they are utterly crushed.

  3. HI Irish!!,
    Copied that last night!! Good stuff along with Charlie Daniels' vid!!!! Unfortunately the "Left" is like a Dog, just a plain ol' Pooch, one that you befriend, ya' feed it, take care of it and it's yer' buddy ... until it, however, contracts rabies..... there's no going back..... there is only "One way out" and it ain't pretty....

  4. Hey Irish;

    I listened to that video, nothing that she said indicated violence. The left is reading their emotions and mindset into that video. It is the left that want to fight, burn, hurt conservatives....because...well we are "Nazi'" and we deserve everything bad that happens to us. That is their mindset, and that is the scary one.

  5. It is called "Projection" and it is what they would do but can't psychologically accept their own thought so project them onto others. What they are saying is what they would do but claim that is what others are calling for and or going to do.

    1. Haha, thanks Kimber!
      Its early, and my brain is not up to speed yet.
      As i was reading "Mtgarabaldi's" comment, i started to try and remember that word.
      I thought, "itll probly pop into my head as I read the next comment".
      Then, as usual, one of the brothers has already posted my exact thoughts, based on the word i was trying to remember!


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