Thursday, July 6, 2017

If This Doesn't Infuriate You, You Are Not Human (Paging Henry Bowman, Henry Bowman Please)

This video is an excellent summation of a tyrannical bureaucracy that is out of control. In this case, it happens to be one of the many compartmentalized "departments or bureaus" within the federal government (also known as .gov). These departments can and will on a whim dictate THEIR WILL using "administrative law". In this particular case it is the FDA. Currently, the way administrative law is applied in this country, average citizens are rarely afforded any input or recourse pertaining to these rules which have been allowed to magically be morphed into the law of the land. It works the same way with other agencies such as the BLM, IRS, EPA, DEA, DHS, BATFE, etc. It is an injustice that the American people were not more vigilant and allowed this policy to creep into our mist and poison our representative Republic giving power and control to a select few and hamstringing others (in most cases small farmers or small businesses). This flawed system most folks take at face value was never intended to be part of the founding fathers idea of the Constitution and it has to be overhauled. Watch in this video as an innocent, peaceful, and Godly man is demonized and turned into a "criminal" because of one of the many "made-up rules" that is simply someones opinion. These "opinions" usually are initiated by a particular group/business paying a lobbyist who then throws money at politicians who will vote or posture to protect or benefit the party trying to achieve their goals. Often times these rules which are easily seen by any thinking person for what they are "sold" to the masses of American people by using buzz phrases pertaining to the environment, racial harmony, becoming part of the global community etc. (i.e. "it will be good for the environment" or "our children deserve safety", "cleaner energy", "clean drinking water", etc.).  As most well know restrictions such as these "made up policies" protect the particular interests of businesses, groups, etc. while at the same time eliminating or severely impeding the "target" groups who often times are the competition (i.e. think of "bloodthirsty" sonsofbitches selling whole milk or home made butter at a farmers market vs. corporate dairies who sell their wares in huge chain box stores).   From time to time some stiff necked rebel such as this Amish man has to be brought into line. This is when the hired "gun-hands" of .gov  are called up to do the bidding of the bureaucrats. These enforcers and agents of the courts will use confiscation, seizures, fines, imprisonment, and even death, should it come to that, to impose the rules of their masters. In this case .gov is using imprisonment to strip an Amish family of their livelihood, their father and husband.  The violator was sentenced to six years for selling herbal remedies and salves. It is all about money and power. Follow the money. Who knows? Maybe the feds will re-open Alcatraz to house these dangerous criminals who pose such a threat to the American way of life. It is for the safety of the children, you know? 

Deo Vindice, 



"Borrowed" from Chief Nose Wetter


  1. I am mad as hell. This is getting out of hand, and this peaceful man needs to be released soon, and if a march is called for, I, who does not march, will be there.

  2. In other words, business as usual.
    Don't page Henry Bowman, channel him.

  3. Where were these predatory female teachers when I was in Indoctrination School?
    Heh. Nevermind.


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