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Friday, July 7, 2017

Link O'rama.... Keeping Tabs On Things....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI..

** They took the satellite data, "adjusted" it, and wonder of wonders, the earth is
warming faster than we thought.  This is malpractice that, if done by anyone else,
would likely result in jail time.

** I hadn't heard anything about this.  So, thought experiment: flip the races.  Uh huh.

** Title: THE TRUTH vs CNN
>> Bill Whittle at his finest!  More:
** Title: Ben Shapiro Attempts to Educate Biased CNN Hosts on Why They're Not Trusted
>> Enemedia skulls made of moronium.

** They have no interest in integrity of the vote.

** Eating their own.  But that just shows you just how far gone the Leftists have become.

** So Obama is living the 1% life?  And libs are upset?  Silly liberal, did you think they REALLY
mean it when they say "Spread the wealth around"?

** A Swedish woman boils over.  And the leadership better pay attention.  But... she's still
missing the point.  They're not coming for housing or benefits, they're coming to CONQUER.

** Let me be clear: I am not against solar.  But to think it's all running-through-fairy-fields is to ignore
the reality that in life, there are no perfect solutions, only trade-offs.  Somewhat related:
** More:
** Look for Figure 6, and the comment about pulling adjustments from thin air.  And one more, a video:

** Paycheck awakening.  Nothing is free.

** A MONTH????  How about a short drop and a sudden stop?  Related:
** Please understand, I do not WANT massive civilian casualties on a regular schedule.  But if it
triggers a violent reaction from Europe to push the invaders out... omlette, eggs.

** Let me ask you: What would be screamed from the headlines 24/7 were this discovered in the
home of a Christian or a Conservative?  Yeah, I know.


** A question that needs to be asked: At what point can the absence of evidence be taken as evidence
of absence?  Note that, for the Left, there is no such thing.  They will pursue Trump to the ends of
Hell itself before they give him up.

** This is probably the money quote, but it's all good: "One does not compromise with cancer, or
negotiate with gangrene - you fight and win, or you die."

** Quote: "Either physical force is legitimate in democratic politics, or it isn't.  If you allow it
in any circumstances, then its exercise becomes a question of tactics, not principle."
>> Can we clone this guy?  Or at least find out what he's drinking, and ship cases to the GOP Elites?

** Civility gets extended to those who act civilly as well.

** She actually wrote a book "What's the Matter with White People?"  First, imagine - just imagine - if
someone had written a book with the races flipped.  Yup.  Second, Ms. Walsh, do the letters F and Y have
any significance to you?  I don't give a crap about skin color; I care about content of character.
Musing... where have I heard that before?

** Another probable Arkancide.  If only we had a bunch of people whose job it was to collect
information like this and show The People the doings - both good and bad - of the leadership.
We could call them "reporters".

** Leftists will contort plain meanings, and fold them like origami, rather than admit that
some cultures / belief systems are better than others.

** So, "global warming" IS man made.

** The Soviets were very clever, and very good.  They did a lot of damage, and it's ongoing.

** No, they're invaders.  Related:

** Quote: "The spotlight is simply too alluring for Obama, who revels in attention."
>> IMHO misses the mark.  Obama is a missionary; how DARE Trump roll back "progress".

** Say, what ever happened to "challenging election results undermines Democracy".  Oh, wait,
you hoi polloi don't vote the way we want?  SUE!  If it weren't for double-standards, Leftists
wouldn't have any.

** CNN threatens a private citizen.  That's illegal.  More:
** Not sure about Assange's legal credentials, but I'm sure he's researched it.  #bringCNNdown  More:
** Quote: "Seriously, this is what the media does now? They track down people and 'threaten' to post their personal information for sharing
content they don't like?"

** Miraculously the woman survived.  And liberals want to bring this culture here.

** Dated 2010, but spot-on.  You see, the Left is the "enlightened" party... on the "right side of
history"... we low-life Conservatives are standing in the way of the "Wave of Progress".

** It didn't hurt that the man in the WH was a treasonous anti-American, Islamist-sypathizing POS.

** And, doubtless, the Left will continue to hide this.


** Look at the twin studies: identical DNA, identical hormone exposure in the womb, but some want to change and some don't. This indicates that
it's environmental.

http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/scott-whitlock/2017/07/06/fake-news-journalists-invent-super-awkward-handshake-snub-trump http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/07/this-is-what-fake-news-looks-like-polish-first-lady-passes-over-trump-handshake/
** They KNOW what they're saying is fake, but they say it anyway.  Rope.  Tree.  Journalist.  Assembly.  More:
** Layers and layers of editors and fact checkers.  Uh huh.

** More of what the Left claims doesn't exist.

** Quote: "An unbiased observer has to wonder whether this occurred in Oregon or North Korea."

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