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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


sent in by Russ


  1. I graduated from high school in 1978. I bought a nice at that time Olympus OM-1 camera with several good lenses, and was in the camera club. We developed and printed black and white pictures in our darkroom, and later, I did the same in my first house with my ex wife and my young daughter. I learned to love the format of black and white film. It forces you to see the things in a picture in a different way, and brings out the detail in a way that sometimes full color simply can't. Did I forget to mention that I dream nearly always in complete black and white? Only on the rarest of occasions do I have a bit of color in a dream and then it is only one tiny bit, that might be needed for a particular reason, like a ruby in a ring, or such. But the kind of hues in my dreams are not like the black and white of pictures. They are more vivid, realistic, and varied, if you can understand that, to the point where the addition of color would be redundant, and unnecessary.

    1. You got me by a few years. I graduated in '81. So long ago. I'd love to go back, it was the good old days.

    2. (Supposed to be 78!)
      Wised up, and went back to college in my 20's - BA in Photography from Brooks.
      Love b&w - and I love seeing the grain characteristics. (Yes, I know you can add grain digitally, but it's not the same)

    3. I loved my high school years, as well. I was involved in everything, I excelled at everything I did, and my body didn't hurt as much. Now I am old, mediocre, and everything reminds me of the hard tackles and concussions from my school days. Wouldn't change a thing.

  2. My Sony Alpha 6000 takes better pictures than any film camera I have ever owned, and there are adapters for most of my old lenses. Of course new lenses are better, but I'm not rich.

    PS. This "eyes" is the best yet.

  3. Irish - you gotta check this out.


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