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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Five Reasons Not To Buy A Glock

I confess. The title caught my eye. I resisted the Glock craze for years and just recently bought my first, a model 17. I also must admit after shooting it some, I was pleasantly surprised. All these years I had remained "old school". I had always liked (and still do) hammers, de-cockers, and safety's on pistols. Of course, this isn't to say that all three are prerequisites for me before buying a handgun. I enjoy all sizes and shapes of revolvers too. When I first began to research Glock pistols I found there was an abundance of information, forums, etc. on the subject and plenty of Glock owners who will freely offer the opinion pro or con. I have a couple of friends who are polar opposites when it comes to the Glock's vs. 1911's (or any other gun vs. a Glock for that matter). I enjoyed (still do) hearing them go at it as they debated this subject. Both usually make some valid arguments for their gun of preference and in the end agree to disagree. Anyhow, this isn't a pro or anti Glock rant by me, but a well written short article about a hobby becoming an obsession (tongue in cheek of course). If you happen to be a Glock fan, I think you will really enjoy this piece. If you are not, I still believe you will appreciate the humor the article contains. 

Read the article HERE.


  1. I am extremely wary of ANY hammerless semi-auto pistol design. There are numerous Internet posts
    describing something called "Glock leg," usually involving someone holstering a Glock with a damaged
    holster. This occurs when there is a fold or kink in the leather that catches the trigger and
    depresses it as the weapon is pushed into the holster and usually results in a GSW to the upper

    Any weapon with an external hammer does not require a decocker, and any round in battery is easily
    detectable. John Moses Browning designed his Mo. 1911 with five distinct safety mechanisms. They
    have not been improved in more than 100 years. Some designs cannot be improved.

  2. True words Leonard. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think I'll just carry my Jericho 941 !

  4. The Jericho's are "gooduns" too Sarge. The safety issue Leonard mentioned with the "Glock leg" has always worried me. One can't be too careful. For everyday carry, I usually carry a Walther PPK. The PPK offers safety, reliability, accuracy, and is easy to conceal.

  5. Got a Glock 30. Excellent weapon. Also have Smiths and Kimbers (my 1911). I know guys that have injured themselves or others with various handguns including Glocks, Smiths, Colts, etc. Not carrying a Glock is no guarantee of safety. Know cops that let off rounds in the squad room and locker rooms - with wheel guns. There's no way to protect yourself from other people's carelessness.

    1. Exactly Sig94. Accidental discharges can happen to the best of us with most any weapon. Keeping a weapon pointed in a "safe" direction is paramount.

  6. I have a couple of Glocks and a few other handguns. What I like about Glock are that they will eat any ammo (loose chamber tolerances), are all minute of pie-plate on accuracy (octagonal rifling), but go bang every time you pull the trigger. There are exceptions.

    I carried a Walther PP as my EDC for about 20 years and switched to a Glock G26 about 10 years ago. At 25 yards I shoot the G26 with minute of doorway accuracy. With my Taurus 92AF or 1911 Govt I can keep it in a 3" circle. I am looking for a single stack 9 that is dependable as my Glock but is accurate as my 1911 Govt model.


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