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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Going To Starbucks Soon....?


  1. I've never been in Starbucks's in my life. If I were a regular customer, I would not dare go into another after this "Dixie Chick-like" statement. I'm for boycotting them and supporting the thirty odd businesses the left are boycotting because of Trump.

  2. Didn't they support - or at least allow - open carry while the Left was trying to coerce them into banning firearms in their stores?

    1. I believe you are correct Reg T. I suppose they take lessons from the real masters in regards to "divide and conquer" tactics. They at one time support (and possibly still do) the 2-A, but take a pro-illegal immigrant posture and publicly announce they intend to aid and abet those illegals. What an oxymoron? I don't get it. Anyhow, I can buy nearly two pounds of DG coffee for what one of those fancy lattes sell for at Starbucks. I'll make my coffee at home.


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