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Friday, February 3, 2017

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things......

from AFOI

** Socialism works SO WELL...

** Protest vs. Riot.  Somewhat related:

** Ellison the anti-Semite, a member of a mosque that is openly anti-gay, for DNC head.  The DNC
is placing Islam over every other group...

** Not too long, but critical on the rising Leftist violence.  And an embedded link,
also a very good read:
** Quote: "Y'all should be worried about this, too."
>> I am.  Very worried.   

** Quote: "Common sense dictates that no one can teach history without touching on unpleasant subjects, symbols, incidents, and historical
periods. But, it would seem that the Left prefers students to be offended, and ignorant, not to mention hypersensitized, than to be educated.
I would remind everyone that this type of historical Stalinism can be applied, and will increasingly applied to another flag very soon. Yes,
the United States flag is as guilty of everything the Confederate flag is guilty of. So, it is simply a matter of time until, well, that
United States flag must be banned, lest we offend someone."
>> Yes, they'll attack Old Glory next, and play John Lennon's "IMAGINE" continuously.  They're already talking about a world with no borders.

** Focusing on their core business.

** YES!  READ THIS and grasp how the Left uses emotions to manipulate.  And note the picture of that kid that
was the trigger for so much of the middle-east refugee tsunami.  Did they REALLY move the body for a better
image?  If so, what was their agenda (besides a better image)?

** Title: Bill Clinton Wants to Build a Wall
>> The difference is not JUST "D" vs. "R", but rather that everyone KNEW Clinton was
just talking, while Trump's actually planning it.

** Less than 24 hours and the Left already has professionally-printed signs.  Multiple sign
designs in multiple places.  But, sure, it's "grassroots".

** Yes, that will leave a mark.

** Quote: "Note the unspoken but blatant disdain for any students who might wish to hear Shapiro speak and ask him
questions, or who might want to challenge him on some point..."
>> Because ANY information or viewpoint, once heard, cannot be unheard.  Thus, the absolute necessity to prevent
people whom you are attempting to indoctrinate from hearing anything opposing your point of view.

** Say, remember all the outrage when NY Governor Cuomo said "We don't want conservatives in NY?" because they're inimicable
to NY's values?  Yeah, me neither.

** People - i.e., individuals - that cannot govern themselves, that are not virtuous and restrained - are flat-out
not capable of governing themselves in a government.  And the creation of violent, neo-brownshirts has been done

** Scratch a liberal, find a fascist.

** A LOT of info about George Soros.

** Spot-on.  Their beliefs are, quite literally, a faith.  And Trump has shaken that faith to
the core.

** Great video.  As he observes, this should be Trump's opening campaign ad for 2020.  Related:
** Threaten me or mine, I'll gun you down, make sure you're dead, cut off your head and mount it on a pike as
a warning to others... and will do it in a cold second and not lose a minute's sleep over it.

** Take a good look at this picture.  A long look.  When you have convinced yourself that the "other side" is
utterly evil, then ANYTHING YOU DO is justifiable in fighting it.

** Quote: "This is why the left never saw [Trump's win] coming. They took over public spaces and shouted down the opposition with personal attacks."
>> Not just that.  They live immersed in a sea of people they agree with.  Take my loonie-lefty co-worker.  He once
said, scoffing, "I don't know ANYONE who opposes Planned Parenthood!"

** Quote: "But it's becoming more and more apparent that I was wrong about that; obviously, the Left DOES want it. They're
not going to be nearly so happy about it as they seem to think when they finally get it, though."
>> Be careful what you wish for; you may actually get it.  Related:
** Quote: "Over the past generation, I cannot recall a single instance wherein all these alleged hordes of violently
intolerant right-wing thugs have violently crashed a leftist political rally. But on the other hand, not a day seems
to go by when usefully idiotic totalitarian goon squads such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter aren't throwing rocks
and flinging poo at anyone who refuses to lie prostrate before the globalist streamroller."
** Conservative shoots moderate, then SJW, and calls it a day.

** Initial reports are often riddled with errors, certainly.  But there are, apparently, quite a few people whose
eyewitness accounts are being dismissed.

** Quote: "Apparently, all one needs to do to qualify as a 'fascist' these days is to express a survival instinct.
Europe is so upside-down that those who want to preserve their homeland are called invaders."

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