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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cockfighting: A Gentleman's Sport/Cockfighter's Reap "Year of the Rooster" Bonus in Thailand

 This story caught my eye as cockfighting still goes on in many rural areas of the South. I do not believe cockfighting is as nearly as popular as it was twenty years ago in these parts. I remember in those days one particular cockfighting operation that had a very large arena with seating for a couple of thousand people and there was standing room for many more around the main and drag pits. People would come from everywhere to watch or participate in one of the premier events. The first "big" Rooster fight I ever saw was a "5 Cock/$100,000.00 Derby" winner take all. There is big money in raising and fighting cocks. Some local folks still hatch out, grow, and condition roosters for fighting. Many of these roosters are sent to countries in the Far East such as Thailand for huge profits. 


  1. I used to raise chickens. Unlike dogs or any other animals, cocks will just naturally fight another for dominance. If you have two roosters in the same pen, they will fight until one "Chickens out", and then the fight is over-but the loser is never allowed to get anywhere near the winners hens, or he gets a beatdown again-otherwise, the loser is left alone.

  2. I have 5 young stag roosters and their sir a 3 year old rooster. One of the stags whipped the old one and 2 other stags Thursday. I had to separate the 4 . the winner got the flock of 14 hens. He is in a cage but they stay around it. This bad boy tore up 3 in one day without a scratch his daddy has 3 inch spurs but got mowed down.

  3. Thanks for stopping in. Those roosters are fun to watch and mess with. Good luck with your treatments. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. I didn't have time to mention it, but I used to make steel for a living. We made steel for everything from gun barrels, artifical hip sockets, knee joints, jet engines, but the neatest thing we made it for was fighting cock steel spurs. I saw them come in the scrap one time, and talked to one of our salesmen, who said that yes, indeed, it went to Mexico for fighting cock spurs. We also made steel for a lot of gun parts, one time for the Colombian army. Around 100,000 pounds of steel for AK 47's. For barrels and receivers, and also internals. It was an interesting job, for the 35 years from age 18 just out of high school.


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