Saturday, February 4, 2017

For Anyone Who Doesn't Believe It, Try Extending Your Left Hand To A Haji


  1. Yep. I *lived* in the Middle East for about a year. I was at a remote job site, and we had little "apartments". From the guys that were there earlier than I was, I heard that they didn't get western style toilets installed until a few months before I got there. They just had a hole in the floor you'd piss and crap into.

    The "toilet paper" was flex hose on the wall that you'd wash your self off with.

    Real middle ages stuff right there, and the only "apartments" with upgraded plumbing were the ones the westerners stayed in.

    Offering your left hand to shake with is an extreme insult. It's worse than calling one of the a dog (dogs are "unclean"), but only slightly less worse than calling them a pig, which is pretty much guaranteed to start a fist fight, or get you shived.....

    1. Hi "drjim,"
      'IRAN '76, Grumman aero F-14 project Isfahan...... "Gotya' buddy!!" Fortunately we had "Western Shitters" "AND" "BIDET'S!!!!" parked right next to them in our hotel and then our apartment at "Kanae' Isfahan".... I was the "RIGGER" Trying to teach my Iranian "Counterparts" the ways and wherefores and how to "PACK AND MAINTAIN" the "GRU-7 MARTIN BAKER EJECTION SEAT" in the F-14 "TOMCAT'S" the Shah bought from us!! TOO MUCH FUN!! 'Easier to teach a "Pet Rock!!" ...No Shit!! Still had some fun!! Met some skydivers from "Bell Helicopter" in Isfahan...Lead guy "Paul Ross" had "Contacts!" 'Arranged "AIR SUPPORT" for a joint "Grumman, BHI 4th of july skydive demo bringing in the "AMERICAN FLAG" to the party!! ME, My wife Chris, Paul and another BHI..Lee Sewell!!! '#2 practice day, Paul dislocted his shoulder on a bad landing.... the DEMO was down to me, Chris and LEE!! Lee flew in the flag!! Canopy colapsed as he landed in the baseball stadium as the winds were 15-20mph!! My canopy collapsed above my approach from the turbulance and I re-inflated enough just outside the ball park to land with only scrapes and bruises!! Like I said Lee made it in with a crash and burn landing still we recovered the flag!! Chris...Did I tell you about my wife Chris...she was in the 3-way!!....Winds 15+ (we were jumping "PARA-COMMANDERS!! (OLD ROUND PARACHUTES!!) Lee had a Pappillon!!" Chris got blown a couple of miles away (she was only 115lbs.) to a small village....when she landed...all these little Irianian kids came out of the wood work, came running up yelling, "HELLO MISTER, HELLO MISTER!!!!!!" Chris then took off her helmet and her long blond hair draped down and her Blue Eyes sparkled at these kids and they said"Hanoom" (Irianian for "LADY!!!" about that time our jump ship shows up swoops Chris up and they were gone!! That was 04JUL1976 IRAN ... I love telling this story.....somewhere in Iran are some grown Irianians that saw an"ANGEL!!!" Think about it for a minute!!! skybill-out PS Irish... i have some slides from our practice dive....have to get them on digital and then I'll post 'em for you!! and all!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Absolutely correct on Iranian learning ability. I was in Millington, TN teaching electronics and we had Saudi, Iranian, and Turkish students sprinkled around our classes. Saudi's were simply arrogant but got through the courses. Turkish were the best students I ever had. Iranians were the worst pieces of garbage I'd ever been associated with. I ended up nearly causing an international incident when I threw one out of my class and refused to allow him back in. They suddenly pulled the Iranian students out and it was the last we saw them. This was 1972 - 1974 time frame.
      Guys I know who got out and took contractor jobs in Iran to maintain the F-14's we sold them, told horror stories about them. They are simply useless people. And even then, they hated us. If they could have, they would have become physical with me, but at the time I was a big, very nasty sailor who would have welcomed it.

  2. Back in the early 90's at the college I attended our department had a lab in a building basement right across from the meeting room that they let the muslims use as a mosque and beside a staff lounge.

    The had to lock the mens room (and we were given a key) because the muslims would squat on the toilet seats and crap all over the seat and floor. The also used to leave shit in the sinks from washing up.

    Its why i never took any job offers to goto the ME.


    1. Holy Christ, man!
      Animals use better shitting habits!
      I thought once they came here, they stopped that bs. - I am now officially staying the fuck away from those people!

    2. Some get "westernized", and some don't.

      I have a friend who taught at MSU for a while, and he told me the same thing that Exile1981 posted about.

      I tend to give people some latitude about personal habits, but if they're from the middle east, unless they're a businessman who'd pretty westernized, I won't go near them.

      Those "people" are stuck in the 1200's, want to stay there, and want to drag everybody else back there with them.

      Yes, they're human beings, but 90+% of them are feral, and we know what that means.

      You think the "inner cities" in places like Detroit, Chicago, and L.A. are bad? You should see some of the areas in the ME I had to go through.

  3. In the Muslim world women are for procreation boys and goats are for fun!!

  4. Never will I extend any hand to these Satanic animals. Unless that hand is holding something they really, really wouldn't like.


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