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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Willie Rogers: Who was a Legend in His Community and Up Until Now Was the Oldest Living Tuskegee Airman Dies at 101

Willie Rogers passed away at 101 in St. Petersburg, FL. Mr. Rogers was a Master Sgt. with the valiant men of the 99th Flying Squadron bettter known as the "Tuskeegee Airmen" or "Redtails". 

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  1. If I had known that this hero lived in St.Petersburg, I would have tried to meet him on one of my trips down Florida way. Men such as these are leaving us all to rapidly, and yet, when we talk of the greatest generation, we often forget that we have thousands of young men and women still voluntarily serving to protect our country. I am proud to say that my son, a Navy sonar tech, was just promoted to 2nd class petty officer. And my oldest son is a freedom loving patriot, who would defend the country next to me, if need be. Trump and Hillary and the rest? They don't mean a single thing. We have something more powerful. The American constitution and people still willing to protect it. Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed week, Irish. Sorry for taking over your blog for this, I just felt kind of patriotic and proud.

  2. Hi Irish,
    "GREAT SHOT!!!!!" 'A 2 seater "Razorback!!"

    1. That would be a TP-51c, to be precise. The Collings Foundation owns and operates one. The C-model was the last of the razorback mustangs. The D models and forward had bubble canopies.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Brad,
      "10-4!!" Although the "D" model's are prevalent,......there's "Something about a 'Razorback!!!!!"
      skybill-out...for now

  3. Another warrior laid to rest.

    God bless you, sir, and thank you for your service.

    In the last two months we've lost three volunteer crew members on the Iowa. All were in their 90's, and all were WWII vets.

  4. There were giants in the earth in those days.

  5. I just helped a friend celebrate his 100th birthday. Frank McCauley, P-47 Ace (six kills, one shared) flying out of England during WWII. Frank lives in Hamilton, MT, about thirty miles north of me. His wife is a sweetheart, too, Bobbie McCauley. Frank is still bright and alert, still has some color in his hair (more than mine!), and is a true gentleman.

    My father was a B-17 pilot flying out of Eye Airfield in Eye, England, and it is possible that Frank may have flown cover for one or more of my dad's missions to bomb Germany, during the time their assignment to the US Army 8th Air Force in England overlapped. Unlike Frank, though, my father passed at 50 instead of 100, in 1973.


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