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Sunday, November 20, 2016

What Is The Point?

It is a moot point since most inner-city Louisville high school graduates (or very few inner city kids across the country) could not explain very much about the war or which side was Union and which one was Confederate. It is sad that history is being dismantled in the name of political correctness and white genocide.

Above is a photo of Louisville mayor Greg Fischer ordering flags around Louisville to be lowered to half staff in honor of Muhammad Ali shortly after his death. Greg is doing what he thinks he needs to do to get the black vote in Louisville as he can be seen here honoring a draft-dodging anti-American mooslem. He then goes on the warpath to dismantle a monument to Kentucky's boys in gray whom he knows nothing of nor of their place in history. Obviously, Greg doesn't know or care much about history, but he does know how to manipulate inner-city voters. If you have the time, drop him a line and let him know how much you appreciate him being honest, forthright and fair to all Americans. Just another bottom feeding politician who would sell his soul for vote. 

The whole stinking story HERE.


  1. Grrr... THIS is what is destroying this country. Pandering by the pols...

  2. And, according to The U.S. Flag Code, the mayor doesn't have the authority to order our flag to half staff. I've repeatedly advised his spokesperson, Chris Poynter, of that lack of authority but the mayor doesn't seem to care as long as he can pander. regards, Alemaster

  3. I never agreed with the draft board trying to put the heavyweight champ in the Army. We were giving deferments to college kids for pete's sake. I was just a kid when this happened and I thought how screwed-up that was. I did and still consider the champ to have been unfairly treated in this.

    1. Guess you're right Tim. My IIS deferment expired and I was about to be drafted from Kentucky (I joined to go to flight school) so exactly who did serve in "the champ's" place? Wonder if Clay's replacement survived as Clay the celebrity would have in special services? regards, Alemaster

  4. (((Fischer))). Hmmmm. There is something about that name.


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