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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What If They Steal The Election?

  Reader "Dan" left this comment on the post below:

Enjoy the feeling.....but the real powers behind the curtains only have to blackmail, bribe, suborn or coerce about 50 Electors to keep Trump from being President. If they can get control of 270 Electors they can choose their own POTUS. If not they could force the selection into the House of Representatives.....a group TOTALLY corrupt and owned by these special interests. Trump overcame huge odds to win the election. He faces even steeper odds at beating the special interests in charge and actually taking office. I give him a 50% chance at best.



This isn't over yet.


  1. Come on. Stick your neck out. This is an easy prediction it's never going to happen. Trust me.

  2. Even if they can't get enough faithless electors they have been whipping up the lefty base that it's a matter of when not if someone tries to take out trump.

    So I think they could tip the electoral college, but I doubt its the only plan in play.


  3. A stunt like that would split the country permanently, however it would allow the fed's to step in with martial law and gun confiscation. Probably at this point it would be smart to get all of the movers and shakers home addresses, their kid's location and location of the nearest national guard arms storage facility. If you are going to fight...fight dirty and don't quit until you win. The politicians and rich guys who start this stuff never suffer so include George Soros and others family as targets. Be as ruthless as they are.

  4. Hey Irish;

    If such a stunt is pulled, granted the liberals would be happy after their diarrheafest the past couple of weeks. They powers that be don't understand, we voted with ballots....this time...screw over the process, we start voting with bullets and they don't want to go there....btw...you are bringing back the babe headers after Turkey day?


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