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Monday, December 21, 2015

You Don't See That Everyday.....


  1. That is the procurement department for the toothpick factory getting next year's order of raw material delivered.

    1. and delivered on the roads obama built.

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  2. My Dad pulled that shit once on a 4th of July camping trip.
    Way out in the boonies, he found a huge stump that had one root sticking about 10 feet out right on the side of the road.
    he backed his 68 Ford 4X4 to it and hooked a long logging chain to that root.
    I can still remember sitting in the back of the truck, watching that stump get dragged for 3 miles, rolling back and forth going around corners and just gouging the FUCK out of the gravel logging road.
    That stump burned for 3 days and I'll bet the local log truck drivers would have beat his ass for tearing up their road like that.

    Good times though.

  3. It's just a vehicular powered debarker. Taking that log to the mill.


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