Monday, December 21, 2015

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs on Things...

complied and submitted by AFOI
** Accidentally walk up behind someone and shoot them.  Uh huh.  This takes BALLS to say with a straight face.
** I hate to say this, I REALLY hate to say this, but... yes, please.  And here in the US too.  In Boston, in NYC, in DC, LA, SF,
Atlanta.  Do
I WANT to see people die - NO!  Emphatically NO.  But we won't get serious about this global threat until it comes home how
dangerous radical
Islam is.
** Yup.
** An absolute must-read, must-forward.  Two salient points: 1) WW III is coming regardless of what we do, and 2) the historical
of the results of "moderate" revolutions in the Middle East.


** Important insights into this.

** Any ISIS member captured needs to be castrated with the twitter feed broadcast, then executed and buried with pig blood.
** Forced compliance, spreading the wealth... gee, I wonder what that sounds like.
** Excellent video.
** Quote "...if they are told, they stick their fingers in their ears, scream "La-La-La-La-La" and then try to destroy any and all
who try to
teach the truth."  Sums up virtually every argument I ever have with a Leftist.
** The question has already been answered: world government, socialism, and the imprisonment of skeptics.  And that's for starters.
** Fascinating.
** This is why the MSM needs to hang.
** My great-great-great grandfather was among these soldiers.
** Ted Cruz ad - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
** Quote: "Don't be too hard on them. The NSA probably has lots of dirt."  >> A LOT of dirt.
** The DEMOCRATS started the KKK.

** Would Rubio be better than Shrillary?  Sure.  But then again, a potted plant would be better than Shrillary.
** Excellent point about Evangelicals and Trump.
** Quote: "No, it's because the bill included CISA, a broad-reaching internet "security" bill that not only provides for warrantless
interception of anything it also provides for blanket and permanent immunity for companies that provide said interception."  >> Holy
** Reverse the races.  And imagine the 24/7 coverage for weeks.  A seeming conspiracy of whites resulting in the death-by-burning of
promising young black girl?  OUTRAGE (and understandably).
** Who you admire is an indication of who you are.
** Quote: "Jeb, Hillary, Karl Rove, Joe Scarborough, and all the rest pretty much don't have to worry that their livelihood or
security is going to be compromised by the next Tashfeen Suleman that slips through refugee screening, or MS-13 gang-banger that
crosses the border. They aren't going to lose their job because their employer used the H-1B program to import someone cheaper from
South Asia or Latin America. But when you're not living in a gated community, surrounded by armed guards, sending your kids to
private schools, and connected to wealthy and powerful people who assure that you and your kids will always have money and security.
the facts on the ground look a lot different."  >> PRECISELY.
** Ripe for abuse.
** The MSM; first against the wall during and after the revolution.

** can't get off the list despite clearly being the wrong guy.
** Imagine having to teach someone that this is wrong.

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