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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Look no further for proof that the Republicrats and Democrans are one in the same. The GOP, lead by Tea Party traitor Ryan, voted to commit financial suicide this past week increasing our national debt to near twenty trillion dollars and wipe their asses on the very platform which they campaigned upon and that ultimately got them elected. Yep, these lower than snake-shit Judas' voted to go along with the 2,000 page plus 1.1 trillion dollar spending spree that will benefit foreign workers, refugees, etc. all the while confiscating/stealing from working individuals and businesses in the form of taxes, fees, permits, etc.  One would think that Harry Reid and Nancy Peolosi were still running the show. They may as well still be the speaker and majority leader, because the Republicrats shamelessly proved they are more loyal to the ideas and beliefs of tax and spend liberal-commies than they are to the very people who elected them. If these traitors to the Republic will behave like this now, imagine what they would treat the citizens of this country if there was an all out ban of firearms and the Second Amendment was to be suspended. Please note as part of this plan, we do not have the money to build a wall along our southern border, but we have allotted millions to care for refugees (a.k.a. mooslem terrorists) like the ones who killed innocent Americans in San Bernardino (and I'd be willing to bet we will see more of that). 

Here is a good article dealing with this treachery from dethguild


  1. They want our guns because they are starting to be afraid, very afraid. And they should be.

    1. I wonder how many would give up their NEW guns since gun sales have skyrocketed under this administration?
      I just e-mailed PA Senate Bob Casey and asked him (with colorful prose) why he voted for the UN samll arms agreement. I might need some bail money....

  2. One thing though they are not getting mine!!!These asswipes need a good tar and feather. My question is how much longer are we going to let these asswipes go???

  3. I believe it was Napoleon who said something to the effect that "revolutions are not founded on full stomachs". I believe that we are still a long distance from the point of a violent revolt. However, we are seeing a rebellion of sorts with the Trump phenomenon. I am of the opinion that as long as most Americans have gas in their car, beer in the fridge, cable TV/sports, some income (whether it be SSI or a real paycheck), and are able to take a "vacation" from time to time, etc., there may not even be civil unrest. Of course there are many people who are "fed up" and can see the "injustices" in the form of taxes, fees, excessive police measures, government corruption, diabolical social engineering schemes via refugee programs, etc., being meted out upon good honest folks and our nation but these people are not yet ready to fight. I believe it would take something big to unify and motivate most people to take up arms. Before any fighting starts, I imagine states where the majority for the most part share the same values and beliefs leaving the union because of what it now stands for and the direction it is headed. Then again, we live in some very interesting times and my crystal ball is a little foggy! ;^)


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