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Friday, December 18, 2015

♫♫ I Believe In Father Christmas.....♫♫

from comments on youtube:
"Greg was asked how "I Believe in Father Christmas" came about on his Facebook profile.

 Here is what he posted." "I Believe in Father Christmas" was written by myself together Pete Sinfield. It started out with this little guitar riff which I had buzzing round in my head for weeks but no matter how I tried I just couldn't seem to develop it into a song. It actually started to drive me crazy and one day I found myself humming the tune to Jingle Bells over the riff. This is the sort if thing that happens to writers when they get a few steps away from total insanity. Anyway I told Pete about hearing this melody in my head and he said maybe it could be a Christmas song. I really don't like most of those good time Christmas party songs but after a while I began to reflect on what Christmas really meant to me as a kid and how this had somehow got lost in the commercial feeding frenzy that has taken priority in more recent years. Pete and I started to think about this and after a while we began to identify the core belief that children have about Christmas that really capsulises the magic and benevolent spirit of Christmas. Basically it was the belief that all children have in Father Christmas and in a more general sense about how the story of the nativity represents the concept of peace on earth good will to all men. I honestly can't remember whether it was Pete or myself who came out with the actual line but it was something we pretty much realised simultaneously. It was the magic key which unlocked the door to the song. I Believe in Father Christmas.


  1. Hey, that's a pretty cool tune. I really hate Christmas music for some reason. I even did when I was a kid, but I like this one. Some of Ian Anderson's flute parts have kind of an "Irish" vibe to them. I can see why you like it...............

    1. I've always liked that since I first heard it. Google the original. It's from the 70s


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