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Friday, December 18, 2015

Precious Snowflake Inherits Grandfather's Nazi Memorabilia.....

"Dear Abby:

I inherited some Natsee shit and I haven't been able to sleep at night because it's causing uncontrollable diarrhea and making me want to go out and kill puppies, because that's what Natsees do.  I'm so guilt-ridden because I've been so politically correct since birth but now the evil has permeated every fiber of my being to the point I can't conscientiously attend Black Lives Matter therapy anymore.  I was driving my Prius past the strip mall and Swastika-clad demons told me to sell some of this Natzee stuff and buy a new iPhone with the built-in vibrator..... but my gay lover wants a new XBox with the "Chase the Sheep" game in 3D.  I'm so confused and if I hurt someone's feelings, I'll kill myself.  What should I do?

Confused and Scared in California"

Dear Confused and Scared:

Do the world a favor:  Give your Natsee shit to re-enactors and kill yourself.


The above is a parody of THIS POST 
from Dale in OH via Jeffery. 

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