Tuesday, December 22, 2015

German Co-ed Sauna

                                                Prosit und Frohe Weihnacten!


  1. Good commercial.

    I was working in Germany a few years back. The hotel had a sauna and it was January. Like a typical American I put on my swimming trunks and hit the sauna. I sat the timer and steam level and sat back and enjoyed life. A few minutes before the timer goes off a daughter, mother, and grand-mother come into the sauna wrapped in their towels. They take their tows off to sit on them. Daughter is about 15 and is drop dead gorgeous, mom is mid to late 30's and is the definition of MILF, grandmother is mid to late 50's and still a good looker even though there was a lot of sag. Bell rings signaling the end of my time and I leave to do some laps in the indoor pool.

    The desk clerk informed me latter that swim-ware was verboten is the sauna and to go all natural for future visits to the sauna. Live and learn. I saw some very interesting things and some that I wanted to pluck my eyes out.

  2. Meanwhile in Australia....



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