Monday, December 7, 2015

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 Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** I hear rumbles from Sweden; their Viking ancestors are screaming in Valhalla.
** This is why Congress shut down the CDC's research: it's research with the result already determined.
** Judge a man by the people with whom he chooses to associate.
** Good info.  But it's on "Faux News" so our intellectual and moral superiors will feel safe in ignoring it. 

** The Left has made common cause with the Jihadists.  A MUST READ.
** I am a teacher, and in light of the Oregon shootings, and Paris, I mentioned some security-related
thoughts in class.  IN NO WAY did I recommend guns, or gun control, but simply the need to be aware
of your surroundings, and to remember that - ultimately - we are each in charge of our own survival.
** There's an even larger danger.  Once the precedent has been set that A RIGHT is subject to majority vote, it destroys the very concept of a
** Democrats rising to the challenge.
** Communism.  You can see it from space.
** Obama believes his own PR.
** Stopped clock.  Wow.
** Quote: "So why does he keep mentioning a new AUMF? To shift responsibility for his inaction to Congress."  For Barackus, the ONLY enemy is
the GOP.
** Quote: "That's because progressives would rather protect multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness than the lives of their
fellow Americans."
** MLK Jr spinning in his grave.
** A little long, but very insightful into the Left.
** A little caustic and dismissive, but I do agree with the premise that so many Western Leftists seem utterly determined to see Western
Civilization destroyed in the name of "fairness".
** A quote from one of the comments: "The Feminist society and the LGBTQ Society are siding with a group who's ideology would see women
marginalised and subservient, and gay people killed or in other ways
punished (this is part of the basic idology of the perverted stream of Islam that the Islamists wish to impose). They're siding with the
Islamists against a secular campaigner, who has repeatedly spoken out
against the oppression of women, the imposition of religion and religious belief on society, and who has spoken for the need for a secular
society where people of all faiths, or none, are equally free, and
have equal opportunities and influence."
** Read the embedded quotes.  Migrants affirm it is good to kill for Allah.
** A society, a culture that uses children - especially it's OWN children like Hamas did - deserves to be wiped out ruthlessly.

** Real scientists don't attempt to censor others.
** Quote: "In other words, despite the fact that Islamists killed 130 in Paris only three weeks ago and slew another 14 in California the day
before her statement, the literal murder of human beings didn't
frighten [Lynch] nearly as much as the idea that people would say bad things about Muslims in the aftermath. She also said that if Muslim
schoolchildren feel they are being bullied in school, they should
contact the feds immediately."
** Children in Norway taken from "too Christian" family.  Rope.  Tree.  Assembly.
** An excellent point - that if there's ever a throwdown Race War in America, the fact that the Leftist whites are Leftists will not immunize
them from being attacked.
** Two graphs that, to a thinking person, should be definitive.

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